Patient Shares His Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation & Journey

Patient Shares His Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation & Journey

Patient Shares His Gynecomastia Surgery Journey

Gynecomastia surgery success rate is a high one, especially when surgical intervention is the only option for enlarged male breasts. Here is the gynecomastia surgery consultation and journey of a patient whose life has changed for the better after his surgery.

Gynecomastia is a real problem among men in Singapore. For many, they either do not know where to turn to for help or perhaps considering the social stigma surrounding the condition – hesitated from seeking one.

Unlike those who didn’t, Henry (not his real name) in his 40s, did seek help and is today a much happier and confident individual. This is his story.

“Since my early 20s, I’ve always had a little discomfort around my chest area but have always passed it off as nothing. That is until the discomfort started getting overbearing and started to disrupt my daily activities. I was a little overweight (but not by much), so I started to exercise thinking that the weight loss might help somehow.”

Exercise with an accompanying dietary plan is a common weight loss fix. It’s not surprising that Henry, upon his first real concerns, resorted to such for he assumed that it was weight-related. However, for gynecomastia patients, it is not the solution.

“While all the exercise did help me lose weight, I noticed that the fat on my chest was still present, and the discomfort still persisted. I had to ice the sore areas but it only served as a temporary relief. You can imagine how puzzled I was – in fact I was more frustrated than anything else! Unable to find help in the real world, I turned to the Internet.”

Aside from its detrimental health effects, the stigma surrounding gynecomastia is also a cause of discomfort and grief among those afflicted. Therefore, this often leads to their inability to find help or willingness to openly ask for one even. But thankfully, the advent of the Internet has enabled people like Henry to find (real) help.

Mammogram images Showing a Male Patient’s Gynecomastia

“I soon found out that what I had was called gynecomastia and a further search led me to Amaris B. Clinic. On one hand, I was relieved to know that there is help but I was wary as well. I’ve never gone for any surgeries before. However, being that it was an opportunity for help, I decided to book an appointment with Dr. Ivan Puah and take it from there.”

Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation

“I also found out the reasons for my condition. I was a pudgy as a kid, so I’ve never given a second thought about the extra fat on my chest. I thought I had pseudogynecomastia, which basically means fat mass and a condition not caused by glandular proliferation. But as I got older and lost weight along the way, there was no change to my chest and it became an embarrassing issue. Not to mention the discomfort and feminine outlook – day in and day out. Dr Ivan Puah also told me that ageing could cause or aggravate the condition.”

The gynecomastia surgery procedure

“In the days leading up to the gynecomastia surgery procedure, I was inevitably wrecked with nervousness. I’ve been in a few unsettling situations in my life, but this one (really) took the cake. Despite the reassurance after my first consultation, there was still a little doubt, which I think was caused by natural fear. So I spent a lot of time leading up to the procedure reading up on the surgery itself and the post-care involved. I focused on the positive outcome to psych myself up. The team at Amaris B. Clinic was also a gem and very reassuring, and that helped a lot.”

With the added confidence, Henry went through the gynecomastia surgery and it was a success.

A brand new me

“I underwent a speedy recovery. The lumps and discomfort were gone. To quote James Brown – ‘I Feel Good!’ – and I really did! My friends, who only knew about the procedure after I had it done, were impressed with the results. I’ve never felt more confident and alive.”

Gynecomastia surgery is currently the only proven surgical solution for men afflicted with the condition and as such, the success rate is relatively high.  It effectively addresses the issue and sculpts the chest at the same time for a more manly physical appearance, which boosts the confidence and more. It is also a huge relief to know that your doctor has the experience, skill sets and gynecomastia training.

Don’t suffer in silence!

Men who are suffering from gynecomastia should seek help as they deserve to lead, among others, a discomfort-free, life. A doctor’s role is important in lending that help, which should also encompass knowledge and information about the condition. Family and close friends play a vital role, as well.

“A strong support system is vital, which helped me overcome my fear and doubts. I can’t thank my family and especially my wife enough for the support even though it was (also) something new for her and must have been equally worrying. For those who are experiencing the same condition or some discomfort and especially if you have man boobs, go get it checked!”

Gynecomastia is disheartening but there is help available. The procedure is safe and at the end, you will realise that most of your worries were unfounded. I’m a testimony to that. Go get the help you deserve now – don’t wait 20 years like me!”

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Gynecomastia In Your 50s

Gynecomastia In Your 50s

Gynecomastia in your 50s is possible! The development of the ‘man boob’ can happen during puberty and even as men age. You can still look good at any age!

Unless you’re George Clooney or Brad Pitt, majority of men do not age as gracefully as they’d like to.

But that’s not to say we can’t slow it down and take a shot at ageing like ChuanDo Tan.

Let us walk you through the ageing process.

This is typically the time men finish serving National Service (NS) and graduate and get a job.

Most men at this age would still put in the effort to look good for school or for work. It is also when they spend a lot of time building and catching up with their social circles.

Staying up to watch soccer with friends or playing games until 3am despite having work or school the next day becomes an unhealthy habit. Especially when junk food is used to fuel those late nights.

And the effects of that unhealthy lifestyle do show. They show up in the form of bumpy skin, duller skin ton, and acne.

If you thought they only appear on your face, acne can spread to the neck and back too. Scratching them or trying to pop them might end up scarring the skin.

30s – The Peak Of Your Career

As men hit the big three-oh, physical changes become more apparent.

The face would probably look more mature than before, perhaps with more facial hair. When before, you had a slim facial silhouette, now you’d have a stronger jawline.

Most men tend to marry and settle down at this age as they progress in their careers, earning enough to comfortably start a family.

But juggling work and family responsibilities can be very tiring.

When you become so busy, you start finding excuses to not exercise despite subscribing to a well-known gym in town. Where did that determination to hit the gym go?

40s – The Peak Of Your Fortune

By this age, most men would have progressed to a good position in the company or have at least achieved most of their career goals.

For many years, they have built their lives around their career, so this is the time they channel most of their energy and time on their family.

This is the time most men develop the dreaded ‘dad bod‘ because there is just “no time” to work out anymore, and that paunch just keeps growing despite the evening runs and weekend swims.

50s – The Peak Of Your Health

It might sound ironic, but this is when men (and women) are prone to age-related illnesses.

But work will probably be less hectic as you become so experienced, and the children of the family would be more or less financially independent. This all means lesser stress.

This also gives you the time to focus on your health.

However, as you get prescribed medication for your different ailments, there could be side effects like hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can cause gynecomastia in your 50s!

Gynecomastia is the development of the ‘man boob’ which could occur during puberty. It can also happen as men age.

It is a medical condition with real symptoms, such as tenderness of the breast area and swelling of the glands on the chest area which can be painful.

The solution: Even though gynecomastia is common during puberty, older men can develop the ‘man boob’ too as a side effect from taking certain medication. The swollen breast gland tissue is what causes gynecomastia.

Regain your confidence and be free from the discomfort with Gynecomastia Surgery. The surgery will reduce the excess fat and overly enlarged glandular tissues. After the surgery, it could also define your masculine appearance at the chest area.

Staying Youthful Even As You Age

Ageing doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

While you can always go on your regular exercise regimens, that doesn’t mean our bodies can always keep up as we age. Sometimes we need to rely on medicine and science to achieve that ideal body and figure.

When you look good, you feel good; the best thing about embarking on this journey is that you get the health benefits and looking younger than your age.

Even if it is not for the boost in confidence, each of these treatments contributes to your wellbeing and health. You’ll find yourself walking with a skip in your step everyday.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Are You A Candidate For Gynecomastia Surgery?

Are You A Candidate For Gynecomastia Surgery?

Man boobs (sometimes called moobs, or gynecomastia in the medical world) is actually really common. A Cleveland study found it affects half of all men. Some get it in puberty, but many also develop it when they’re 50 or older.

Why do men get gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is not just an aesthetic problem; it is a medical condition. Symptoms include tenderness around the chest area, swelling of the breast gland tissue and more.

It all boils down to hormones. Both men and women have estrogen and androgen hormones. Women develop breast tissue because they have higher levels of estrogen. But when men have a hormonal imbalance (either their estrogen goes up, or their androgen goes down) they can develop gynecomastia too.

That is why gynecomastia is very common among older men. As we age, testosterone goes down. We also tend to gain weight, and since fat cells are estrogenic (meaning they can disrupt the balance between testosterone and estrogen) this causes the glandular tissue to swell even more.

Improper steroid use by athletes or body builders can also create moobs because the pills can increase estrogen levels. Some diseases – like liver disease and hyperthyroidism – can also lead to enlarged male breasts.

Can we get rid of moobs or gynecomastia through exercise and diet?

Even slim men can develop gynecomastia, and hours of bench-pressing aren’t going to change the shape or size. All heavy weightlifting can do is bring up your testosterone levels. This will definitely help bring the condition under control, but it can’t shrink existing moobs.

Crash dieting won’t help either. In fact, there are studies that extremely low calorie diets may make gynecomastia worse. Once you start eating normally again, your moobs will be even larger. Diets will also worsen hormonal imbalances and slow down your metabolism. Starving your body is never a good idea.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery is the perfect solution to remove the glandular tissue from your chest, which is the cause of man boobs. The procedure is not only safe and effective, it also sculpts the chest area leaving a more defined and masculine appearance.

With this procedure, you can expect a short recovery time, which means little disruption to your daily routine. During consultation, do inform the doctor of your goals and raise any concerns you might have in regards to the procedure. Your doctor will advise on what to avoid and how to care for the area to avoid infection.

Recovery and results

There will be some minimal scars since any surgery will involve incisions. Your doctor can conceal them in your natural contours when possible. There are also treatments that can help fade these marks over time. However, the scars won’t stand in the way of enjoying your new contours and increase in confidence.

For many men who suffer from gynecomastia, this surgery ends years of feeling self-conscious and insecure. You’ll be able to wear a fitted shirt or bare your chest at the beach without worrying about how you look like. (Or what people are saying.)

Are you a candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

To get a personalised, one-on-one consultation to know if you are a suitable candidate for gynecomastia surgery, schedule your appointment with a doctor who is licensed to perform gynecomastia surgery, from an approved medical facility for body contouring procedures. It is also vital that the doctor has a good artistic sense in order to sculpt and contour your chest smoothly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Rebuild That Man In The Mirror For More Confidence

Rebuild That Man In The Mirror For More Confidence

Man boobs can really crush a guy’s confidence. But there are solutions.

The usual narrative is that only women primp and preen – that the fairer of the sex is more inclined to worry about appearance. But that really isn’t true – in fact, in a recent Men’s Health survey, 32% of men – 45% of them are aged 18 to 34 – have edited or cropped a photo to make themselves look better online. But worst of all – 1 in 20 men have been teased, trolled, or body-shamed on social media about their appearance or weight.

While you shouldn’t be trying to improve your appearance for anyone else but yourself, the fact is there are medical solutions to improve your grooming and appearance.

Let’s start with gynecomastia. Pronounced guy-neh-co-mastia, the Greek word means ‘woman’s breasts’. In today’s vernacular, we call them ‘man boobs’, and the term is used to describe the occurrence of enlarged breast tissues in men. It’s not just an aesthetic problem – it’s a medical condition.

Worst of all – it’s not something you can dispel with just exercise, as most of the time the trouble is enlarged glandular tissue which no amount of exercise or healthy eating can reverse.

What’s the treatment? At Amaris. B Clinic, you can go for a consultation with Dr. Ivan Puah, who has more than 14 years of clinical practice in body sculpting and is MOH accredited to perform liposuction in Singapore. He will evaluate your clinical condition and propose an appropropriate treatment plan for you – which may involve gynecomastia surgery with nipple reduction and skin tightening. For most, gynecomastia surgery typically involves a combination of breast gland and fat removal in order to achieve a natural, lean and masculine looking chest.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Meet The Man Boob Mythbuster

Meet The Man Boob Mythbuster

There’s just as much fact as fiction circulating on the web when it comes to what causes man boob, or gynecomastia.I explain what’s true, and what’s not.


While some women fret about having breasts that are too small, some guys worry about having breasts that are too large. Unfortunately, when they look in the mirror, they seem to have less chest and more breast. If you’re unaware, sometimes it’s not about how much (or how little) they’ve been working out, but rather whether or not they have a condition called gynecomastia, colloquially known as man boobs.

Here’s a breakdown of some myths about this you might have read on the internet.

Myth 1: Your beer habit is why you’ve got man boobs

Logically, alcohol contains calories and carbs, so you’d think drinking is why you’re packing man boobs. Ironically though, a review in Current Obesity Reports found drinkers weigh less than teetotallers! Beer connoisseurs who are fans of Indian Pale Ales (IPA) also tend to worry about a condition known to brewers as “Brewer’s Droop”, another name for man boobs. Why? IPAs contain phytoestrogen, a plant-based estrogen hormone- but the fact is the levels in IPAs are too low to cause significant hormonal imbalances.

Myth 2: Chest workouts are the solution to fix gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is caused by hormone imbalance so while exercising is good, it does not resolve the underlying issue at all. As with women, breasts in men are made up of glandular and fatty tissue. Gynecomastia occurs when excess glandular tissue is produced. When an abundance or excess fat is appearing on the chest area, it is known as pseudogynecomastia (fake gynecomastia), and this condition can be treated with liposuction alone.

Myth 3: Gynecomastia is caused by obesity, not male menopause

Contrary to popular misconception, being overweight is not the only cause of gynecomastia. It may be caused by hereditary and ageing as some men experience physical changes as they get older, which can be caused by male menopause or andropause.

The trouble is, too few men understand the condition: according to a survey reported in the South China Morning Post almost 80% of 500 men interviewed aged above 40 had heard about andropause; yet failed on average in answering questions on its treatment and symptoms.

Its link to man boobs? Testosterone production drops during andropause, and the hormonal imbalance could lead to the development of gynecomastia.

Myth 4: Any doctor can perform a gynecomastia surgery

Nope, not every doctor with an M.D can treat your man boobs. Like every medical speciality, it requires a doctor skilled in gynecomastia surgery, and also one about to give you the best advice from years of experience.

You might also have your own vision on what your chest should look like, and it’s utterly important that you do your research on which doctor can help you achieve that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Gynecomastia Amongst Bodybuilders

Gynecomastia Amongst Bodybuilders

The use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding is notorious to the point of being synonymous. But the trend is not limited to the sport’s competing athletes; even the regular gym-going Joe and hobbyists are onboard the steroid train. What’s more alarming is the reports on the rising numbers of its use among teenagers.

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are essentially synthetic variations of the male sex hormone, testosterone and often used to build muscles. Healthcare professionals prescribe them to address hormonal issues such as delayed puberty and muscle loss caused by diseases.

But it is the misuse and abuse of these drugs that often form the headlines. For professional bodybuilders or even anyone who’s looking to put on some muscles, these drugs may seem to be the “miracle” supplement and dismally, even a staple diet.

Side effects

One of the most common side effects is roid rage. Although it is not classified as an official medical condition, the root of this issue can be linked to the misuse of anabolic steroids as they can cause extreme irritability. In women, common side effects include reduced breast size, deepening of the voice and the growth of facial and body hair, among others.

In men, they include shrunken testicles, decreased sperm count, baldness, acne and even gynecomastia.


Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast tissue in men. The cause of this condition is hormone imbalance, primarily the rise in estrogen levels. The abuse of anabolic steroids causes this increase and overtime, men will develop oversized breast tissues resulting in the, not only embarrassing but at times also painful, condition.

Although exercise won’t help, stopping the use of anabolic steroids is the first step in preventing the condition from evolving further. For those already affected, help comes in the form of Gynecomastia Surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery, usually done in the form of liposuction or mastectomy, involves the removal of excess fat and glandular tissue. This tightens the skin leaving a more contoured and flatter chest. The procedure usually takes around one to two hours and recovery typically varies with each patient.

Muscle up without steroids

Taking anabolic steroids to build muscles knowing that there is a high probability of getting Gynecomastia is certainly not an option. Instead, there are other ways to achieve your goals. These include:

  • Proper nutrition and dietary habits
  • Custom-tailored (gym) training programmes
  • Getting enough rest
  • Additional supplementation like whey proteins

and more.

Regardless of gender, a beautiful or more defined physique is arguably a common goal. If bodybuilding is your hobby, by all means, pile those muscles on. But do it the right and do it the safe way.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!