Are you a male bothered by excess breast tissue that has resulted in enlarged male breasts? If so, you may have a condition called gynecomastia. Read on to learn more about gynecomastia, the different types of gynecomastia, and the plastic surgery procedure that can help to treat it.

What is Gynecomastia San Francisco?

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes an increase in glandular tissue and breast tissue in the breasts of boys and men. It can lead to enlarged male breasts, swelling of the breasts, and breast tenderness, which can take a negative toll on the confidence and self-esteem of those living with it. Dr. Delgado performs surgery to correct gynecomastia for a boost in self-esteem.

Types of Gynecomastia

Overall, there are five different types of gynecomastia. These include the following:

Teenage Gynecomastia

Adolescent gynecomastia usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 13 due to the hormonal fluctuations that occur during puberty. This condition causes male breast enlargements with glandular tissue and/or fat tissue in one or both breasts.

Adult Gynecomastia

Adult gynecomastia is often caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen, though there are other possible causes as well. To diagnose adult gynecomastia, a gynecomastia pinch test is a method often used.

Steroid-Induced Gynecomastia

Steroid-induced gynecomastia is a relatively common condition in the bodybuilding community. The development of gynecomastia often occurs after taking anabolic steroids when the steroid cycle stops. The steroid signals the endocrine system that there is enough testosterone in the body, causing the natural testosterone production to slow.

Medical-Induced Gynecomastia

Some medications can lead to gynecomastia. These may include spironolactone, some antipsychotics, and certain prostate cancer medications, among many more.


Pseudo-gynecomastia, also called false gynecomastia, involves the growth of excess fatty tissue in the chest area of males. It is caused by weight gain rather than excess glandular tissue. The best way to treat this type of gynecomastia is to exercise to reduce excess fat.

Gynecomastia Surgery Options in Lakeshore, San Francisco

Male breast reduction surgery, also called gynecomastia surgery, is the only effective treatment option for true gynecomastia. There is an array of surgical procedure techniques that Dr. Delgado may choose from to perform your individual procedure, depending on your case. This may include the standard male breast reduction technique, which is suitable for those with grade 1 or 2 gynecomastia. The pull-through technique is ideal for those with grade 1 gynecomastia. The two-stage procedure may be required for those who have excess skin that needs to be removed.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

The male breast reduction procedure is an outpatient procedure, which means that you can return home for the healing process. You will need to wear a special compression garment to help reduce swelling and support the new chest contour. You may be prescribed pain medication to help with any discomfort that occurs.

You will need to avoid heavy exercise for at least 6 weeks, though light movement and exercise can often be resumed after a few weeks. Be sure to follow Dr. Delgado’s specific aftercare instruction for the best results.

Schedule Male Breast Reduction Surgery near Lakeshore, San Francisco, CA

If you are bothered by excess breast tissue due to gynecomastia, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Delgado today to schedule a one-on-one consultation appointment. To achieve optimal results and avoid complications, it is important to choose a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. Dr. Delgado is a board-certified surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons with more than 30 years of experience treating gynecomastia symptoms.


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