Gynecomastia Surgery and Nipple Sensitivity

As potential patients research all the pros and cons of male breast reduction surgery, there is one issue in particular that comes up from time to time. It is discussed extensively on the forums of this site, and that is the concern of the loss of nipple sensation.

Permanent loss of nipple sensation after gynecomastia surgery is possible although rare, but needs to be considered as a surgical risk. For some men, it may be a deal breaker, and for others the tradeoff is worth it, to be rid of their “man boobs.”

Gynecomastia In Plano, TX.

Gynecomastia is a term that refers to the enlargement of the glandular tissue of the male breast. This condition can often be the source of significant distress and self-conciousness causing men to avoid situations where they would take off their shirt, such as the pool or beach or even the gym locker room.
Once the condition develops, it is difficult to reverse, short of surgery. Surgical treatment is aimed at removal of the enlarged gland and contouring the chest to a more masculine appearance.

Gynecomastia In Plano, TX.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Plano Texas

A condition little talked about but widely apparent is Gynecomastia, the overdevelopment of a male breast. A reaction to too much estrogen or too little testosterone, gynecomastia can occur in newborns, teenagers, and adult men.

Young Men With Gynecomastia Need Support!

Up to 65% of young men will develop breasts by the age of 14. As boys go through puberty, they will have an imbalance of sex hormones. This is a normal condition but can be very frightening as they see their body going through changes

Unfortunately, if boys do not understand what is happening they will probably try to hide their chest with loose fitting shirts, avoid swimming, or any activities that require removing their shirt. Most boys are too embarrassed to confide in their parents.

Gynecomastia Revision Surgery and Scar Tissue

After male breast reduction surgery, if a lump is felt weeks or even months later, the natural reaction is the breast tissue has grown back. Unless the patient has been taking anabolic steroids, Propecia or other substances that may cause breast tissue growth, it is most likely the formation of scar tissue. Scar formation is normal after any type of surgery and generally takes 4 to 12 weeks to form.

If there is puffiness early in the recovery, it could be residual swelling or possibly not enough tissue was removed, but it would not be scar tissue.

6 weeks after gynecomastia surgery

This is a 27 year old man from Columbus Ohio who came to see Dr. Shah to discuss Gynecomastia surgery. Dr. Shah advised level II Gynecomastia surgery, which involves tissue excision and liposuction. He agreed with the recommendation, and subsequently scheduled this procedure, which was done under IV sedation. He is photographed here preoperatively, and only 6 weeks following.

Patient 20318.

28-year-old man with gynecomastia

This is a 28 year old man from Sidney, Ohio who came to discuss the gynecomastia procedure with Dr. Shah. It was determined that this patient had Level II Gynecomastia, and surgery was advised. This patient agreed with Dr. Shah’s recommendation, and subsequently scheduled his procedure. This is typically able to be done under IV Sedation, as was in this case. He is photographed here pre-operatively, and 4 months following surgery.

Patient 19505.

26 year old man before and 1 year after level II gynecomastia surgery

This is a 26 year old gentleman from Orient, Ohio who desired a male breast tissue reduction procedure. He saw Dr. Shah in consultation, and was advised to go forward with a level II Gynecomastia for the best results. This involved both liposuction and glandular tissue removal. His results are astounding! He is shown here before surgery, and 1 year and four months following surgery. New found confidence!

Patient 26815.

32 year old man before and 1.5 months following Level II Gynecomastia surgery

This 32 year old drove to Ohio from West Virginia to consult with Dr. Shah here at The Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery to discuss the best possible way to achieve his desired results from gynecomastia. Dr. Shah agreed that there was an area of opportunity here, and recommended a level II gynecomastia procedure, to be performed under IV (twilight) sedation. He jumped at the opportunity to have a natural outcome to something that has bothered him! He is shown here before surgery and 1.5 months following.
Patient 30980.


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