Beauty authority, Allure magazine noted recently that male breast reduction surgery is on the rise. The magazine quoted the statistics on male breast reduction surgery from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as we did in our previous blog.

Allure magazine highlights the latest in fashion, beauty products, and newest trends in cosmetic plastic surgery. The magazine noted that according to ASPS statistics for 2015 of the 68,106 breast reduction procedures that were performed, over 40% were for men. This is the first time that the numbers have been so high for men. Allure cites past president of ASPS, Scot Glasberg that the stigma for cosmetic surgery for men has been lifted, and attributes that to reality shows and social media.

The motivation for breast reduction surgery is quite different for men and women. Women have been seeking breast reduction surgery for decades. Most women are looking for relief from heavy breasts that cause back, neck and shoulder pain, and the desire to be able to buy clothes off the rack. Men, however, find female type breasts humiliating and will wear clothing that best hides their chest.

There are varying degrees of gynecomastia for men; the mild cases are usually men who work out and want a more toned appearance with their pecs more prominent not hidden behind breast tissue and fat. The men with more moderate to severe male breasts want to look normal and feel confident if they are in a situation where they might want to remove their shirt such as the beach, pool, sports, or intimate situations. Previously, most men were not aware that there was a surgical solution to their condition. Apparently as more men are becoming aware of male breast reduction surgery, the numbers are climbing rapidly!

Also, men are encouraged to pursue surgery as they learn the recovery period is short and will allow them to return to work in just a few days. The compression vest that needs to be worn for about six weeks is easily hidden under their shirts.

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