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Gynecomastia is a real problem albeit one not openly discussed mainly among sufferers. Understandably so as it can be an embarrassing issue although it should not be an excuse for not seeking help for gynecomastia causes real pain and other possible health complications.

Gynecomastia happens due to a hormonal imbalance potentially caused by several factors. These include genetics and side effects from the use of certain medications. The condition is equally prevalent among adults and youths (teenagers included). The ideal and preferred treatment to address the condition is Gynecomastia Surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery

It is common practice to embark on a fat and weight loss routine when excess fat becomes an issue. Most times, these practices produce results, but there are instances where they are not enough. Gynecomastia is an example.

The condition is generally associated with obese individuals, and that is perhaps the biggest misconception. Gynecomastia can be present in men with lean physiques who, on the surface, do not seem to fit into the “stereotype”. That attached stigma is probably part of the reasons why a seemingly healthy-looking individual finds it challenging to come to terms with their affliction and to seek help.

Excess male breast tissue is categorised into four different “grades.” The American Society of Plastic Surgery developed this grading system to allow gynecomastia doctors to evaluate and treat the condition accurately.

Gynecomastia Grade 1: Gynecomastia Surgery Doctor In Singapore

The initial stage is characterised by minor breast enlargement without the development of excess skin. The excess skin at this stage is found around the areola which is the coloured tissue that is surrounding the nipple.

Gynecomastia Grade 2: Gynecomastia Surgery Doctor In Singapore

As the gynecomastia condition enters into the next stage, there will be a development of moderate breast enlargement without the development of excess skin. However, with enlarged male breast tissue, it now extends beyond the areola, with a minor degree of enlargement.

Gynecomastia Grade 3: Gynecomastia Surgery Doctor In Singapore

At this stage, there will be moderate breast enlargement with the development of excess skin. As the enlarged male breast tissue extends further into the breast zone, the male chest starts to look slightly like the feminine breasts and at this stage, the condition becomes clearly noticeable by others.

Gynecomastia Grade 4: Gynecomastia Surgery Doctor In Singapore

As the gynecomastia enters the final stage, the condition is further aggravated with breast enlargement and excess skin. At this stage of the gynecomastia condition, patients will find that their chest appears similar to that of a woman’s breasts. 

Men who are suffering from gynecomastia need to know that there is help, but seeking qualified help should be the first priority.

Seeking help

Gynecomastia surgery does significantly address the condition, but it is advisable to not be too hasty in seeking help. News of botched surgeries, including of the cosmetic kind are aplenty and serves as reminders to keep a steady head notably during adversity.

When searching for gynecomastia surgery help, bear in mind a few things as you vet through the search list:

  • Ensure that the doctor is licensed to perform liposuction by the Ministry of Health, Singapore
  • Having clinical experience in particular that of male breast reduction surgery. A sense of artistic skills is also a welcomed trait in a doctor so that they can relay realistic expectations and help realise results.
  • Good communication skills are equally important, as a doctor needs to understand a patient’s concerns to help alleviate them. They should be able to address any queries and worries with confidence, based on their experience.

Dr Ivan Puah Boon Kwang, Medical Director Amaris B. Clinic, believes that body sculpting procedures, which includes gynecomastia surgery, comprises 70% Art and 30% Science. A doctor needs to be able to envision the end result with an approach that best meets the desired results. Dr. Ivan Puah is accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore to perform liposuction and has performed many gynecomastia surgeries.

Gynecomastia Surgery Results

Depending on the patient’s clinical condition, Gynecomastia surgery may involve removing glandular tissue and/or excess fat tissues for a flatter and more defined masculine appearance.

The advancement in technology has and continues to open up new treatment methods to address the myriad of issues of both the health and cosmetic kind. 

In the past, men who suffer from gynecomastia may have had to live with the condition for the rest of their lives but today, the path to a remedy is just a matter of a click or two away (on the internet).

Still, the onus is on the individual to do their due research and engage a qualified, and experienced doctor.


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