In addition to the forums on this site where men share their gynecomastia experiences, you can find many more stories by Googling “gynecomastia stories.”

There is great value in hearing men’s experiences first hand. It is unusual, as men are more reluctant to share personal information, but it proves their commitment to motivating other men to resolve their issue with female-type breasts.

One of the “Google stories” tells of a man who tried exercising and losing weight but was discouraged to find it did not reduce his breasts. He finally got his courage up and consulted with a gynecomastia specialist. He proceeded with male breast reduction surgery, and he proudly reports that it changed his life.

Another “Google story” reveals a man who suffered from anxiety and severe depression from female-type breasts. He avoided all social activities where he might need to remove his shirt, such as, going to the beach or attending pool parties. Instead, he spent his time sitting in front of a computer.

If you are visiting this blog page then hopefully you have seen the multiple stories that are on this site. If you missed them, go to the “Gynecomastia 101” tab, scroll down to “Living with Gynecomastia” then click on “Patient Stories.”

Gynecomastia Stories


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