HISTORY: This is a pleasant 45-year-old man from Mineral Park, California who presents to the San Francisco office with gynecomastia. He has had a previous gynecomastia surgery for steroid induced gyneomastia. His goal is to have a flatter chest. He underwent gland excision and suction assisted lipectomy at Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center in Marin County, California. He had his first procedure in 2009 in which he had approximately 300 cc of fat extracted from each side. At that time he had a 4.5 cm section of tissue excised from his right side and 4.5 cm tissue of tissue removed from his left side. He continued to take steroids and developed a recurrence of his steroid induced gynecomastia. He underwent an additional procedure of gland excision over one year later. At that time he had 35 grams of tissue removed from his left breast and 3.5 grams of tissue removed from his right breast. His postoperative photographs are seen approximately six months after surgery.