The Lateral Pull Through technique is an alternative to treatment of the large majority of patients with gynecomastia. In my experience it routinely includes traditional liposuction, ultrasonic assisted liposuction and direct excision all through a quarter inch incision placed on the side of the chest. It avoids the use of a lower peri areolar scar. Not that there is anything wrong with a peri areolar scar, for in fact the vast majority of surgeons still use them today. I believe the advantage is that there is less chance of creating a crater deformity or skin retraction because there is less direct cutting. While peri areolar scars generally heal very well, there is not any concern about having matching scar near the nipple, which if visible, could make the patient feel a little self conscious. Similar to the peri areolar technique, it requires the skin to shrink in order to give the final result. if there is too much skin or skin laxity, than additional procedures such as peri areolar skin reduction, or nipple graft techniques, need to be employed. Also similar to peri areolar techniques the Lateral Pull Through technique has a quick relatively easy recovery. In the end, the technique that the surgeon is most comfortable with, and can deliver consistent predictable results is the one that should be used.