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Video Transcript


Hi I’m Dr. Delgado and I’m here to talk about gynecomastia surgery. “What is gynecomastia?” is one of the most common questions I get. Female breasts on a man is basically what it is, and it commonly occurs during puberty and adolescence when the hormones are surging and changing and men get their secondary characteristics like hair growth, etcetera. Most of the time the gynecomastia goes away, but for a fair amount of patients it stays on with them throughout their entire life. If it stays, the only treatment for is surgery itself. Gynecomastia can also be known as pseudo gynecomastia. That’s fat accumulation. That doesn’t occur during adolescence, that just occurs as men gain weight more and more and more and it shows in their chests. This can be treated with  liposuction alone and get a very good outcome. But true gynecomastia  needs to have gland excision or you will not remedy the issue. I’d like to go over some typical cases, some of the more standard cases and some of the more complicated cases, to explain some of the broad spectrum of what gynecomastia surgery can do for you.