The Journey of Three Men – Short Version


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Video Transcript

David: It started when I was about, I said, 12 years old or so. Started with just one of my nipples being really hard and sore, you know, just, that’s when it started.

Kevin: You have friends kind of pointing and laughing and saying, you know, where’s your bra.

Jerome: It just didn’t look right. And then there were those who validated that it didn’t look right. So when I went to the navy it was validation  with “man you look like you have titties”.

David: It disgusts me. Yeah I think it’s disgusting. It makes me angry.

Jerome: So you learn to live around that situation. You learn to to mask it as best you can.

Kevin: It’s depressing.

Dr. Delgado: Obviously you’re here, you know, about your chest. Can you just tell me a little bit about that and what bothers you?

Kevin: Sure. I feel I’ve had a problem with the chest area. That for many years from, I would say, adolescence on it was something that I felt that was kind of part of growing pains or being chubby or something. That it would go away with exercise and then after years and years of just basically trying and and I’m seeing my body develop I find out that it seems to be here to stay. “He’s got, you know, man boobs,” a few comments that it was enough for me to know that it’s easily noticeable and it was something that I wanted to avoid hearing.

Dr. Delgado: Jerome.

Jerome: Yes.

Dr. Delgado: I want to show you some pictures about, you know, what you can expect, you know. I’m gonna show you good outcomes, I’m gonna show you not as good at outcomes. Here’s a guy too, nice contraction of the skin. He’s got a larger areola. It’s shrunk down quite a bit, the incision you can hardly see, so it’s got ,you know, a very nice outcome

Dr. Delgado: You see how now this pectoralis, you can actually see. I like showing this because of the power of contraction of the skin. Look how much you can contract that down. I mean that’s with an incision this big.

Jerome: If the outcome is anything like I’m seeing here, its a win-win.

Dr. Delgado: Why don’t you tell me  what you don’t like.

Kevin: Oh definitely feel that there’s, from this part on, there’s kind of a sagging and feeling with them. I feel that this section here probably is the pinnacle of it. I feel its just that fatty look.

Dr. Delgado: I want you to flex your peck like you were doing. So it’s this kind of stuff that’s kind of there, right?

Jerome: I can see it right now. So I cant look down on the other side. Now maybe when I was young I could. So but gravity has definitely set in on me. So what I don’t like is a protrusion and I think the sagging.

Dr. Delgado: In your goals, what would you like to see when you look down?

Kevin: My goals would be to flatten this as much as possible. I would like to see this shrink as much as possible, and Id like to see the thinning out of this extra fat on the side.

Jerome: You know I’ve looked at some of the before and after shots and so I’m just, you know, I’ve got this sense… of I’m just overwhelmed at this point, you know?

Dr. Delgado: Well that’s great man. We’ll take good care of you. We’ll take good care of you.


Kevin: The best part is now knowing that it was  completely successful and I feel good about it. I look at it and I’m like that does show a big difference for me.

Jerome: I  feel better and look better. There’s some esteem and self worth that comes along with completion of surgery.

Kevin: It’s just it’s it’s just amazing. I would… how much has changed. I would say with very little pain, and the right doctor, and the right strategy about it. And talking you through with people, it would change them like dramatically without a whole lot of risk really.

David: To men, anyways it was remarkable just how much different it is. Like this is a life-changing event.

Jerome: I wasted a lot of years. Wasted a lot of years and shame. The shame of not being able to go out in public, to wear a tank top, to go into the swimming pool, to hang out at the beach because of the fact of, that I was afraid of what the comments would be like. Wow its a total difference. My god that’s a total difference, sure is.

Kevin: I think it’s been overall great. A great and really painless process.

Jerome: I feel a sense of freedom that I’ve never had before. Freedom to be able to take my shirt off and go wherever I want to go without feeling some embarrassment, or shame, or condemnation, or being laughed at.

David: That just cuz I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and the way I look and stuff. And before I would never never take off my shirt. It’s kind of like a whole new only way of living.