John’s Story – Part 6 – Patient Impressions


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Video Transcript


Dr. Delgado: Hey John.

John: How’s it going doctor Delgado?

Dr. Delgado: What’s up?

John: Not too much, how are you doing?

Dr. Delgado: You change your look every time I see you!

John: Oh yeah.

Dr. Delgado: How’s your chest doing?

John: It’s doing good.

Dr. Delgado: Any issues?

John: Um no, I mean the only thing, there’s only one thing. This nipple is healing a little better than this one. That’s about it.

Dr. Delgado: Mm-hmm in terms of the quality of scar? Or what would you say?

John: This, that sounds kind of funny, but this one gets probably a little more erect.

Dr. Delgado: Oh really?

John: Rather than this one, not so much. Like it hasn’t, I don’t know if it’s like gonna come out, like, fully.

Dr. Delgado: Uh-huh, that has to do with nerves. Um it’s been three months. It’s hard to… So this so this one gets smaller and contracts? And this one doesn’t?

John: Yeah this is just, this one I’d say that, I’d say that the actual nipple comes out a little further like when it’s erect. Or yeah, contracted.

Dr. Delgado: And the other one doesn’t?

John: Not as much but it’s it it’s barely noticeable. But that’s that’s a critique, yeah.

Dr. Delgado: Do they hurt?

John: No, I’m still kind of numb.

Dr. Delgado: Uh-huh. Yeah, you know what we do is we go in there and we elevate that skin all     off  and so it’s got to stick down again      which it has and then the nerve is slowly grow in. You know back in.  So it takes a while actually for that to all normalize actually. And it’s just a matter of time. Usually six months or so you have tingling and things like that going on and you know and  intermittent swelling. So you’re back exercising I’m sure, right ?

John: Uh yeah.

Dr. Delgado: And any swelling issues up and down or slightly swollen?

John: I haven’t  gone  too crazy on the chest.  I’ve been going light. I haven’t been going super-heavy.bI just  want to kind of everything to settle so.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah, okay good, good. Why don’t you stand up, let me have a look at you. The scars are really healing beautifully. this is a little bit behind, this has a little bit of firmness still there.

Jon: Should I be giving her a rubdown? Rubbing it, like massaging it?

Dr. Delgado: you know if you want to you can. You have  some more firmness on this side than you have on this side. This is softer, this is    firmer, maybe more scar tissue there and it may, you know, correspond to what you’re kind of explaining too. But you know, you know, you look really, really good. Really natural and not overdone. Kept a large peck, too.

John: I know.

Dr. Delgado: Actually, everything looks natural and…

John:  You see what I’m talking about a little bit?

Dr. Delgado: Yeah, it sticks out a little bit more on that side. Yeah that may change. If you look at the pictures the nipple on this side is a little bit larger than the nipple here. Maybe a little bit just just, you know, longer. But you know one could always give it a, like, haircut too.

John: A haircut?

Dr. Delgado: Yeah, we just    cut a little bit off there.

John: Oh, gotcha. This isn’t bad at all. It doesn’t bother me at all. I like it, you know.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah if you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have noticed it. But some guys don’t like  a nipple that’s larger, that sticks  through t-shirts and things like that.

John: Oh, really?

Dr. Delgado: Well some guys dont but I’m  just   saying if that’s ever a like issue for you…

John: Lets me know when it’s cold.

Dr. Delgado: There you go, absolutely. So, it was good seeing you.

John: Nice seeing you too.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah I’ll probably see you in like three months or so.

John: Okay.


John: When I was 13 I started noticing that, like, I was getting like tissue there and it was driving me nuts. And no matter how hard I worked out I could never get it to go away. Dieting, all that stuff, and It never went away. What led me to have the gynecomastia surgery was that I was tired of worrying about what clothes I was gonna wear. I did a lot of research about plastic surgeons, like, in San Diego or on the East Coast and every time I’d Google, you know, gynecomastia or man boobs, Delgado would come up. And a lot of good feedback, good reviews.

The result was what I expected. I was nervous at first, you know, because with the swelling and stuff like that. It was like “oh no”. But everything turned out amazing. It took about two weeks to get back into my normal routine except for the physical aspect of working out, stuff like that. But I was back to work in two weeks. After the surgery I’ve never had to worry about these things bothering me anymore so      overall it’s been a great experience.  Everyone was very nice, including the doctor. The results were  priceless. I don’t have to obsess over what I’m going to wear anymore so the freedom of the mind, of not being able to worry about stuff like that. So this was an awesome investment.