The Journey of Three Men – Part 5 – Post-Op 2


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Video Transcript

Dr. Delgado: This is the second post-operative visit and now that their drains are out and swinging should start to be coming down now we should start seeing some shapes and you know how the overall area is healing how this condition looks healthy drain site looks they’re still wearing the compression garment that is going to be worn for a total of at least six weeks at least so also the patients are going to get a real impact now of how they’re going to start to look so it’s good in exciting time I think for them and I sometimes will change their garments at this time because we wanted tighter and a more comfortable garment and that’s something we’ll probably do I think as well so this is a post-op appointment two- and hopefully they look good.

Jerome: I’d say it’s been very good in the last couple of days the last since the last time I was here was to smash an enlightening experience of just watching things as they settle in and watching the difference in my body of the contour anything that I was taking shape and uh yeah I’m very impressed it’s very very flat much flatter that it was so long so it’s a dramatic change my expectation was this far sees my expectation.

Dr. Delgado: Hey Jerome, Hey good to go and pain!

Jerome: Very well thank you very much for doing very much I like this homemade phone yeah yeah.

Dr. Delgado: There though have you taken off the vest anytime is that this is an example of fluid as you see here so you can see there’s a wave in there so what we’re gonna do stick a needle in there pull us and forward where’d that garment man at all times you have been cheating you have you know. I’d say you can tell the doctor now well actually you know what.

Jerome: I got a little uncomfortable one night and I just said you know I’m kind of took it off maybe about an hour.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah did that.

Jerome: I noticed that two days ago.

Dr. Delgado: Okay you can tell the doctor the truth I’m here to help you I don’t want to tell you any life whatsoever, yeah no. No, God knows the fluids, are not a problem it’s not going to be a long-term problem at all the only thing is sometimes it will take a few times of tapping this fluid out to get it to go away completely. Relax now. We’ve got a little bit more swelling here in the area and this has to spill out and that fluid being there.

Jerome: You know I’m just so sleeping on one side you can’t do that and because I’ve got.

Dr. Delgado: You can if you want.

Jerome: Well if it was concerned about that I think that maybe says I tried to sleep on my side one night, and it just was a little uncomfortable. I was thinking that’s maybe where that fluid came from so that’s what I was thinking, oh you had not to sleep on that side now yeah so sometimes if you’re sleeping on one side after surgery that fluid will tend to pull on that side but this is a well-known complication after any kind of surgery. That a drains use where the fluid accumulates after it is pulled out and so that site is gonna be behind a little bit then this one beam behind the healing for a little bit but not anything substantial.

Jerome: As I was saying earlier I’m just totally impressively the overall result I was more than that it surpasses my expectation low you know it’s a less nice thing and so yeah.

Dr. Delgado: Well hopefully this spring time you’ll be out there um yeah I will be how do you write in dedicated okay.

Nurse: We need to give it a little pulling around the edges I know but they’re tight this is like like a testament sure good okay now the other part that he likes about this over the other one is it does go up high into the armpit he wants it like that, okay so what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to pull it down to get it so that this is coming down too far one step there but what comes in to check is to make sure that this isn’t too much because it should be a snug you knows you’re feeling it down here it should be that way all up in here so sit tight for a moment tell me to have it on.

Dr. Delgado: But it fits you pretty well man I think you’re good so you know also keep this pull this down so it doesn’t give you wrinkles here all right man what’s the advantage you don’t look good thank you so naughty coming along.

Nurse: No exercise don’t overdo it with your arms that’s what often causes the swelling to go but no fluid accumulation is too much too soon so even though you may feel better dust we’re doing two this is all the four to six places no exercise.

Dr. Delgado: Patients look great no bleeding whatsoever which is what I would really lose like the sea because that’s what I see most often with these kinds of aggressive treatments but everyone looked excellent the shape looked great all these dishes were healing well Jerome was I was concerned about it first because of this superior incision but you know he’s healing beautifully so again I’m very optimistic everything’s swollen we have to wait for that to come down you know I don’t want any of the men to be too optimistic and started out or doing anything crazy too soon but everything it really looks good I’m very pleased.