John’s Story – Part 5 of 6 – 2nd & 3rd Post-Op Exams


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Video Transcript


Dr. Delgado: Any problems?

John: No, awesome.

Dr. Delgado: Things cruising home yeah you’re able to drive and do both things now.

John: Right.

Dr. Delgado: All right paints are not a real issue.

John: I’m off the medicine.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah good I can take off your shirt let me take a look at checking out the stitches looks good.

John: I was wondering about this one this one looks really awesome and then this one there’s a little dent.

Dr. Delgado: I am wondering if there is some fluid there.

John: Yeah so this one is more sensitive than this one is.

Dr. Delgado: You have to tap that out, I want you to keep that garment on a little bit hurry back.

John: When will the numbness and paralyzation go away.

Dr. Delgado: I’d say about six to eight weeks.

John: Six to eight weeks.

Dr. Delgado: You know it you know we’ve undermined a lot of tissue here in this gabbing one here is not a problem.

John: Can I use Neosporin this?

Dr. Delgado: Yeah is it but now is it John oh yeah yeah so I’m gonna want to see you I’d like you to stop it on Tuesday. Just to stop in and see if the fluid if the fluids gonna come back it’s gonna come back by then and I want to get it out okay I’m gonna put this on just me you can get your vest on yeah and let me see the vest on I want to make sure that your keepers nog enough.

John: Okay you don’t want to yep this one is really comfy though I mean I’d say it’s really comfortable as far as the wings on the side of it the padding.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah that helps yeah.

John: It’s good?

Dr. Delgado: Yeah I think I want it tighter now again we have the fluid issue so we have to treat it a little bit more aggressively okay all right I do want to see you on Tuesday okay because you could easily have a tiny bit more in there every time you take it out it reduces.

John: Okay.

Dr. Delgado: So it’s not a problem it just not gonna cause any difference in how it’s gonna look it’s gonna look great so don’t even I’m worried about that.

John: And I’m massaging technique is that like a going am I pushing down.

Dr. Delgado: I wouldn’t do anything leave it no nothing yet okay yeah any question no.

John: Okay see you Tuesday.

Dr. Delgado: All right very good my friend you gotta take care of John.

John: Thank you, good job!


John: Good morning, Dr. Delgado!

Dr. Delgado: I’m going there you do it how is it healing see I’m pretty good with any issues?

John: There’s a little bit of Crater going on I think and then there’s a little bit of scar tissue I think maybe something right here.

Dr. Delgado: Mm-hmm let me see why don’t you stand up any pain or discomfort.

John: No, no pain at all.

Dr. Delgado: That’s good to hear.

John: Yeah let’s move really do really want this one I just think it’s a matter of time, yeah I’ll look good.

Dr. Delgado: Man it’s right you can yeah you can feel this is scar tissue right here you’re gonna feel and this softened up without question

John: What do you recommend I do to try to break the force scar tissue?

Dr. Delgado: You can massage it and that’s about all you don’t see any there but usually it’s sometimes that’s due to if there’s some bleeding in there and I’m cauterizing it or something like that and to stop the bleeding that like it happens but no you look good yeah look really good yeah pretty grab my camera so but there’s no pain or doesn’t come out right now.

John: Nothing.

Dr. Delgado: So you’ve been at five weeks I think right yeah so are you ready to exercise yeah house this guy’s you can’t get going on it.

Dr. Delgado: So that scar tissue there’s normal quarter turn towards me well.

John: How long would you how long you think I get about a year?

Dr. Delgado: No, no, no a lot less you can have a seat usually it’s about I mean yes you see a difference in a few weeks.

John: Mm-hmm now with the knit this you see how this one’s like proper food and then this one’s coming around in a big-time I’m just wondering.

Dr. Delgado: Um yeah it’s shrunk sometimes when they shrink just a little bit of some wrinkling  and then as a small income that comes down it’s different.

John: Oh my goodness.

Dr. Delgado: Would you see how large the nipples are..

John: Wow.

Dr. Delgado: So as a shrink down you do get you to know some of that contraction and sometimes a little creasing in the nipple and as the swelling resolves completely that softens so you your nipples are like half the size of them.

John:Oh yeah, that’s crazy.

Dr. Delgado: So I think things are going fine yeah it just takes a while I think so I think you can work out I think using the scar the still comb now it was probably good and what that does it’s a sheet that’s put on the scar they help flatten it.

John: mm-hmm

Dr. Delgado: And helps blend it and I think that was a good thing to start.

John: Vitamin E?

Dr. Delgado: You can even do that now okay vitamin E even helps the scar tissue inside if you take like 500 twice a day.

John: Okay

Dr. Delgado: And I think you can do that but feel great I don’t think you know all those little things just at five weeks there’s always little small things like that but..

John: How about this when’s the final there?

Dr. Delgado: You at least six weeks but I think you can let it go now, really because everything looks good the swelling’s coming down. You may have a little bit more swelling as you start to become you know act that this keeps in check but it’s fine it is settled. Wow no I think that you can let it hang out.

John: I wear this at night time before I go to bed.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah that’s what that’s kind of yeah but now usually it at five-six weeks you know I took eyes to take it off you denied it let it go okay that would be what it’s kind of

John: All right no problem alright

Dr. Delgado: So I want to see you in about six to eight weeks take a look at you to know at the scar area and these decisions and things okay all right good see nice seeing you you to take care. Thanks!