Part 5 – 5 MONTHS F/U | Steroid Induced Gynecomastia | Manboobs | Dave’s Story & Live Surgery


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Video Transcript


Dr. Delgado: Hey David, how you doing?

David: It’s great to see you.

Dr. Delgado. Its great to see you, too. Five months? Time flies. So how have you been? I mean are you back  into your routines?

David: Yeah, no everything’s back to normal.  I’m lifting heavy at the gym.

Dr. Delgado: Are you?

David: Yeah.

Dr. Delgado: How heavy?

David: Um, a lot heavier than before.

Dr. Delgado: Are you really?

David: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Delgado: That’s interesting. Why?

David: I just think that there’s more muscle support there, you know? It’s just there’s nothing but muscle that are so it’s, you know, it’s nothing interfering with a lifting process.

Dr. Delgado: Sure, sure. So have you have you gone back to steroids? I know a lot of guys do.

David: Yeah I do any like a maintenance of testosterone.

Dr. Delgado: And, like, have you seen any growth or felt any growth?

David: Uh growth in terms of the getting larger? Yes.

Dr. Delgado: Is that right? When did that start after you started to take testosterone ?

David: Um, originally?

Dr. Delgado: No, after surgery.

David: It took a while because you know, just the healing process, you know everything kind of was just healing and now that that it’s all healed, you know, I’m really seeing pretty good gains again which is really great.

Dr. Delgado: But has there been regrowth in the gynecomastia tissue?

David: No, I mean, you’ll see for yourself. But no, I think were good.

Dr. Delgado: Oh good. And are you comfortable taking off your shirt?

David: Yeah.

Dr. Delgado: You are now?

David: Yeah.

Dr. Delgado: And the scars sort of healed in?

David: Yah, can’t even see anything. I had a week at the beach and, yeah, walked around the beach, shirtless of course. And I swam and, yeah, I feel really good .

Dr. Delgado: You feel good about that. You know I’m always I’m only you know I spent a lot of time with guys talking about that scar because it is the disadvantage. It really does, I mean, it’s been five months. Even in a year it even gets better. It really does, but you know in your case the hair helps a lot  I think.

David: Sure plus I mean my scar was underneath my armpit. So yeah, you know, unless I’m really doing something, you know, overhead, even now I can’t see it when I look in the mirror, so.

Dr. Delgado: Have people noticed it? Or noticed  a change in your chest would you say?

David: Well you know I’ve told all my close friends and a few of them said wow you look great.

Dr. Delgado: When did you start feeling comfortable and getting back into your routine, would you say?

David: I would say about eight weeks in I was starting to lift a considerable amount of weight again. At the a six month, I, six weak points I was able to lift  light weights, you know, but I didn’t want to overdo it.

Dr. Delgado: Was it hurting or did you feel anything going on?

David: Well, you know, the skin is now tighter than it was before and so you feel this tightness through your chest because the skin is so tight.  But after five months have gone by now it really just feels normal now. It doesn’t feel, doesn’t feel like it’s tight. I know what I was like in the shower and I would lift in my hand, it felt really tight through there and now I don’t notice that.

Dr. Delgado: And that’s scar tissue that forms there. That definitely, it usually take a couple months, possibly even longer in certain cases, but it really takes a while to start getting back to lift those heavy weights. So, you know, I’m glad you’re getting back in there. You, your past surgery, your 5 months out, but you’re taking the testosterone currently for body mass and ….

David: Yeah, it, just as you age your testosterone levels go down. I like to maintain that healthy testosterone level.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah, yeah. And with that you haven’t seen any change in the gynecomastia area?

David: Correct.

Dr. Delgado: Okay yeah. Because guys ask me that a lot, if I, you know go back to taking any type of testosterone will it regrow? And it can. You know, it obviously can. But it’s nice to hear that it really hasn’t in your case because we do cut out a lot of it. So that the target organ is less. And maybe the dosage that you’re on is at a good level that it doesn’t, you know, metabolize into estrogen. That’s what happens, it gets to a certain point  and it starts to spill over and it started kind of going there. So I’m glad that that’s that’s worked out well for you. But usually at you know, five, six months guys usually forget they had it done and they just live a life normal.

David: That’s kind of how I feel. Yeah its definitely behind me. So its good.

Dr. Delgado: But it’s a real, its a process I tell people. I mean you’re kind of healed after, you know, I mean the incisions are healed, you know, it looks better on the outside, you know, in like 3-4 weeks. But the inside is really still healing. And it really takes that long so you’re kind of through that which is why I wanted you to come back and just, you know, let, you know, people here throughout the process. Because it’s so much easier, you know, going through the actual surgery. But that’s just a small part of it, you know, going through, you know, all the pain and the recovery. I think it is important for people to hear.

David: I feel unlimited as there’s nothing that I worry about or that I can’t do you know. I’m doing  push-ups, I’m doing heavy bench presses, and doing everything that I wanted to do.

Dr. Delgado: So it’s something that you would do again if you had to?

David: I would. You know it’s not something you enjoy going through but it was absolutely worth it. Absolutely.

Dr. Delgado: Awesome. So let’s to have a look.

David: I mean it’s soft tissue, you know. It’s not uh, there’s no lumps or anything.

Dr. Delgado: Its nice and tight. So with the ,like, overhang of the muscle it just kind of hides things. You know the other thing that looks good here is the nipple graft. It’s a free graft, we actually cut them off completely and reattached so that’s interesting that you’re getting  some muscular activities. So that’s really great.

David: So obviously the blood flows good.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah I wouldn’t expect a lot of sensation though.

David: No, no, not as much sensation as before but a little bit. Even a little bit more on this side than this, but I was happy to see because it seems like this nipple was hard all the time while this one wasn’t. Now they respond the same way. That’s kind of interesting.

Dr. Delgado: Good, good, good. Everything looks good. I mean obviously there really isn’t anything else to do at this point, just continue on and, you know, do your bodybuilding, stay healthy All right, good seeing ya

David: You too.

Dr. Delgado: Alright, thank you.


David: You know I almost take it for granted now that that I look great with my shirt  off. It’s almost hard for me to remember how bad it was beforehand, but it was bad. And you know you really do lose your self confidence and you keep covered up. But you know I purposely wanted to do this in like late winter early spring before the weather got nice so that I could be all ready to have my shirt off over the summer, which I which I did when I took my week vacation a few weeks back, and I don’t even think about it now. I just walk around without my shirt on and it’s  just you know it’s everything that I was hoping it was gonna do for me is bring my confidence back and help me look good. And you know I meet new people all the time and no one has ever remarked like you know have you had surgery or or anything. It just looks so natural. Unless I told you I really don’t think you would know. Which is really great, you can’t ask for more than that.

The hardest part of the whole process for me was having to sleep upright for a couple of weeks. Because ,I just, you know, you would nod off in the you would wake up and so I felt a little sleep deprived for a couple weeks. The pain really wasn’t a problem. Two or three days you’re really uncomfortable and then after that you’re fine, so the pain, it wasn’t really so much the pain. it was really kind of feeling a little drowsy for a while until I could sleep flat. And that happens pretty quickly, about a week and a half in, I think I was able to sleep flat, and then I could get my rest and that that was the most important thing for me. I think about how silly I was to overdo the testosterone and stuff in my youth and not really be  aware of what I was doing to my body other than that, you know, the doctor was able to, you know, fix all of that for  me so, you know, I have regrets that I brought myself to that place but now it’s in the past.

So as a personal trainer my job is  to make people feel good about their bodies, and now that I feel good about my body I could take my shirt off, I can wear tight clothes at the gym, and for me that’s really essential because you have to feel good and look good to do your  job as a personal trainer because that’s that’s kind of what it’s all about. You’re trying to help people improve their bodies and so now I’m at a place where I can wear tight shirts and tight tank tops and feel very confident .So that’s great. When I started to realize that it may be time to get some professional help with my gyno problem I started searching around and asking people and looking through reviews and was lucky enough to find Dr. Delgado. And his his manner and his demeanor and his confidence really sold me on him. He’s so good at what he does and I had a million questions for him and he was able to answer them all and make me feel very confident that he was  gonna, you know, do a great job and be the right doctor for me. So I feel just really blessed that I found somebody as good as Dr. Delgado to work with.