The Journey of Three Men – Part 4 – Post-Op 1


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Video Transcript

David: Today’s the follow-up to our surgery that we had on Saturday so the past couple of days I’m okay just be a little bit sore and just a little kind of sometimes it’s hard to move the way I want to move because you know my emotions a little restricted but sleep has been you can’t sleep on your back better than that it’s positive.

Kevin: Bet you had a long day Saturday? Yes, I was quick I didn’t realize you guys did it I woke up nightmare. I was like I said you guys gonna do it it’s different I mean it looks awesome to me it does that’s incredible oh my goodness said that it was still swollen so both change your garment next time.

Dr. Delgado: Okay yeah let’s go get it dirty and stuff as long as I can so long as it covers stuff for the meantime.

Kevin: Okay at least those tubes are off you know I felt like a couple of cow balls hanging off.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah well that’s what they’re like. Cal yeah they’re really funny, they’re uncomfortable.

Kevin: Thank you very much it looks really good I’m really excited to see the results good.

Dr. Delgado: I am too man.

Kevin: Even just so they looked right now you’d be doing great.

Jerome: My visit today, I guess is to lets you assess and look at the outcome of the surgery the gynecomastia surgery and so I haven’t had the opportunity to take off the phone but I’m kind of I don’t know I’m just a little anxious to see what it looks like it so feels better yeah so can do a whole lot so I’ve just been kind of laying around and stand elevated and done just taking things. Very slow and easy so I haven’t had a lot of pain and yeah it was a perfect surgery I would say that yeah look I haven’t experienced a lot of pain look anything would be better than the way that it was and so the fact of the matter is living into that secret denial just being just a little off-kilter. Just a little off completeness in so I’m just at a place that I want to see a successful surgery make sure that the contour is is good make sure that  because he’s the best and so I’m believing that that’s the case.

Nurse: No happy face or I should they rarely describe yeah are you doing.

Dr. Delgado: Buddy, how you been man?

Jerome: I’ve been good good good.

Dr. Delgado: We’re not bleeding

Jerome: oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

Dr. Delgado: Telling you man!

Jerome: oh yeah new you oh yeah different I think I’m still a little bloated my belly has gotten bigger over that son I’m sick oh yeah you know I never could look over the side of myself my cat can never do that never most painful processors what you just pulled out.

Dr. Delgado: You know a lot of people tell me that so we’ll change this garment the next time I don’t want cuz it gets dirty and stuff one man here you’re just cruising right along I mean you’re getting there man.

Jerome: I know it’s an if the long journey you know very long journey.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah nobody wanted to beat you before you know it.

Nurse: What are you going all right to thank you so much a lot of people won’t feel that okay well the surgery was a top so they’ll just do the treadmill well and you can’t do that no it’s really nothing to increase your circulation.

Jerome: I’m glad you guys know really understand it a lot of guys can’t feel any different and then it is you know you all very similar but much more so than it is the feelings and emotions that you have to go through it’s just a man its psychological destruction that you go through.

Kevin: I’m back today to take out the drains it is almost basically three days after surgery and I think it’s just that the first of a few pre-ops post-ops I’m sorry that because we see the doctor about I have to see take my shirt so how’s it been the last few days.

Kevin: You know pretty good I mean the pain wasn’t an issue just discovering you know you got stuff kind of coming out of your body and you got this vest on that causes some pressure but nothing completely unbearable I have been taking but I haven’t looked at it and I’ve been trying to stay off my feet you would adjust it to boards I try to do some moving around.

Dr. Delgado: No bleeding thank God three out of three.

Kevin: alright alright

Dr. Delgadowell now it’s just you know keep on the best you can yeah well you’re definitely on the road to its this vest as you French for like six weeks man yeah we’ll see you Wednesday and takes stitches out all your stitches okay and probably another vest at that time and then put probably wants to back for a couple of weeks. yeah no yeah get ready to rock and roll now

Kevin: fantastic alright man the good night of a much lighter I feel more mobile I’m glad that you know the bulbs came off and that it does look at this look good it’s in line with the expectations so I feel much better and I think it’s just only gonna get better and better as the healing continues.