Part 4 POST-OP EXAMS | Steroid Induced Gynecomastia | Manboobs | David’s Story & Live Surgery


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Video Transcript


Dr. Delgado: Hey David, how’s it going?

David: It is good to see you.

Dr. Delgado: How have you been?

David: You know, not my favorite week of my life but…

Dr. Delgado: What’s been the hardest ,do you think?

David: Probably trying to get adequate rest while being in this position.

Dr. Delgado: It is hard to sleep. Yeah, it really is.

David: But the pain level hasn’t been bad at all. And yeah, you know the the sore throat thing went away after a couple of days. What else? The drainage, you know, I’ve had my friend taking care of that every day for me. And it hasn’t been a big… it’s down to almost nothing.

Dr. Delgado: Diets okay?

David: Diets okay. You know, I’m not starving but I’m eating so.

Dr. Delgado: Any nausea or anything afterwards?

David: No, not really. No, not too bad.

Dr. Delgado: And are you off the pain pills?

David: I took one last ight to help me sleep.

Dr. Delgado: Ok, So you haven’t been a lot huh?

David: Correct. I’m really not a big fan of pain pills so I I’ve been just kind of taking them at night to help me get the rest I need.

Dr. Delgado: And you’re off the antibiotics?

David: No, I’m still on those. Cuz it’s a seven day run.

Dr. Delgado. Good. Constipated?

David: Not at all. The first day yes, and then that passed.

Dr. Delgado: Alright, lets take a look. The basic plan today is to just take out your drains that are a little bit uncomfortable but they’re important to have in, obviously.


Dr. Delgado: Everything looks fine. We got out, you know, obviously quite a bit of tissue. So I think you can eat anything you want, you can go out to eat and go to a movie. You can, you know, do normal walking like in a mall or that type of thing. The only thing you really can’t do is really exertional heavy work. And that you can probably do in probably around 10 days if you wanted. So if you wanted to go and supervise, and point, you can do that.

David: Today’s Tuesday? Is to go back to work on Mondays and you know absolutely no lifting no nothing just supervising. You know just wondered. That’s about that so that’s another six days yeah

Dr. Delgado: I think that’s plenty of time. and then I’ll see you back on Friday and we’ll then we’ll take off this button here.

David: Do all these stitches come out?

Dr. Dalgado: Probably all them are gonna come out, maybe not some around the areola itself. There are dissolvable ‘s but there are some I’ll probably want to leave in and take out. A lot of it depends on how you look, at what level  of healing were at. So there’s this secondary garment but probably don’t put it on until these off.

David: Okay so we come back and Friday well readdress it. Take out some of the stitches.

Dr. Delgado: Well take take out, maybe all the sutures. If not, about 90% of them. And at that point, you’ll actually feel pretty good. I mean, you’ll feel good now, to be honest with you. Your less hooked up to something. And again this doesn’t have to be over tight, I want you to be  comfortable. It’ll be a little bit tighter now because I just took out those drains, so if you want to untighten it when you get home.

David: it’s not bothering me, being tight. So if you prefer it I’ll keep it.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah, if doesn’t, you know, at this point you don’t… it can cause harm if its too tight. It really hasn’t been… everything looks okay. The pressure on that bolster is good because it takes well. So I think you’re all set .I think your doing well. Everything went well too. Ok, so we’ll see you Friday.

David: Thank you doctor, thank you so much.


Dr. Delgado: Good to see you. So, how have you been?

David: Pretty well, I stopped taking any kind of painkillers so that was two days ago.  Yeah, so I feel feel better because I’m not on anything. I finished my antibiotic, so yeah, I think I’m progressing pretty well

Dr. Delgado: How’s your pain and discomfort?

David: Not bad at all. I find you know I under intensify pain so I around right before dinner time it tends to get just a little more intense but nothing even at that point it’s it’s very tolerable.

Dr. Delgado: Okay, I see that this, your band is low.

David: I didn’t realize it had gone down so well.

Dr. Delgado: You’re gonna have swelling here  so ideally this you know, this up here is gunna reduce the swelling. It will come down, but it will look a little bit more full than what it will look like. Hands down. Um, eating? Any activity?

David: Um, you know getting up every hour so I’m walking around a little bit  every hour.

Dr. Delgado: Work? Not yet?

David: Not yet. I’m thinking Monday. I sort of wanted to see how it went today. But the plan is Monday. Unless you tell me otherwise. Im just going to be pointing at stuff, I’m not going to be picking up anything. Cuz my job is all about  demonstrating and carrying the weights and I’ve already told all my clients yo  you’re gonna do it all I’m going to I’m going to pantomime it and you’re going  to do it.

Dr. Delgado: Now the nipple takes time to really heal and settle out. So you have to be a little bit patient there. You get  everything nice and clean. Now you can shower today.

David: That’s great, that’s great new. Can I use regular soap or should I use the stuff you gave me or…

Dr. Delgado: Either one. So are you able to slowly elevate it or is that been an issue?

David: It’s been an issue. I mean I’m able to, it’s not a very deep sleep and I wake up a lot but you know I’ve been doing what I can.

Dr. Delgado: So we’re gonna put a different compression garment on you that’ll be more comfortable. And you do have a large pec under there so if you’re gonna be full there anyway, right? Not quite that full. You know it will improve a great deal so what I want you to do now is to you know take the tapes off when you shower and then put them back on afterwards.

David: Okay. And should a I use like rubbing alcohol, to clean?

Dr. Delgado: Yeah, I think that’s great. Clean things up.

David: And then after the shower I put on the antibiotics cream?

Dr. Delgado: Exactly put the antibiotic cream on here and just a gauze on top of that. Most of the hard part’s over it’s just a matter of just waiting now and being patient letting your body do what it does. You can go out, you know doing things. Out to eat, out to the movie that kind of stuff is fine. I think you can be a little bit more active. If you look at the nipple it is pink, pink means it’s alive, so that’s great. So it’s taken as a graft and around the edges are scabbing and sutures that will all you know come off when it just blends in nicely. So we also use the pictures that you gave us. Looked  at the position of the nipple and it’s its lateral and we sat you up and we really look to try and get it as symmetrical as possible. Is there any other questions you can think of ?

David: At what point do you think it will be feasible for me to lay flat to sleep?

Dr. Delgado: I think you can start. I mean it’s hard sleeping up.

David: I mean I’ve been sitting pretty far up. Even if I’m just slightly elevated, cuz that will be great.

Dr. Delgado: Ok I’m gunna have Gizelle come in and get you fitted for a garment which will be a lot more comfortable for you. It’ll be one-piece, the only issue with it is you have to put it over your head. So you do have to lift up some and put it in. And it should be snug. So I will have her come in and get you taken care of. We’ll see you Tuesday.

David: Thank you so much doctor.

Dr. Delgado: All right, thank you. Take care.


David: The three things I was hoping to get today I got. Which was that I wanted to… my flap so I can sleep better. That I wanted to be able to shower which I got too, and I wanted to lose that old vest and get the lighter one, which I got, so.