John’s Story – Part 4 of 6 – 1st Post-Op Exam


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Video Transcript


Dr. Delgado: So how have you been feeling?

John: Pretty good, okay good

Dr. Delgado: Any problems?

John: A little bit of pain when the suction happens but that’s the only thing that I’ve had it uh-huh go through.

Dr. Delgado: And a lot of fluid come out of those drains?

John: A couple of first couple days but it’s been a lot less since.

Dr. Delgado: Okay good listen..

John: It’s not uh it’s not too bad it kind of makes me feel like yeah I got a bullet proof vests on or something.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah you do yeah come on yeah thank you we’re gonna give you another one today so the difference of my own the best I had done and is trying to get him to be more comfortable on guys because it’s you know you’re wearing change for a long time yeah you want them to be comfortable.

John: This is a painful process either way it’s a little uncomfortable.

Dr. Delgado: Huh, you know take out the drains you know some guys it hurts more than others. One, two, three, you did great man, oh yeah mama, it’s a little bit more cumbersome for guys having drains I do understand that but you know complications are a problem. And I think this is a small cost for you know alleviating some problems and now the incision is up high in your armpit so you can’t really see it after you’re healed ready.

John: Mmm.

Dr. Delgado: One, two, three, great oh all right you’re looking good the very good I’m really pleased with this point where you’re at.

John: Good.

Dr. Delgado: I’m in here low one here I’m going to get you another vest on so I want to see you Friday; you’re going to take out the stitches Jack keeping a wash let you tighten it.

John: Be gentle yeah with the washing it.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah so here’s the garment you’ll put it on.

John: Okay and..

Dr. Delgado: I’m gonna, yeah, that’s good and I just want about like this done and I don’t want to do overly tight yeah I’ve been keeping about like that I want to go over some questions as well the guys have first thing is you know day after where day and night answer is yes.

John: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Delgado: Again, you have this big cavity it’s closed down and shrunk down and of the drains are out and we need that compression your skin needs to stick down again if it doesn’t is going to lift up, is going to emulate fluid; that’s a problem. So the garment you have is that it is a different garment you try it on the first it gets a little bit more comfortable in the sense that is like a t-shirt underneath okay, okay and it has adjustable snaps here and there’s no velcro here so smooth in there okay you can you know wash in whatever. But keep it on I think that’s important the only thing, um, you know what should you look for you no problem wise usually at this point you’re usually fine because the bleeding is the only thing that’s going to really be a problem. You’re kind of through that, I’ve only had one case where someone has bled after the drain has come out the drain you know create you know trauma, as it comes out as something, can open up so it’s not common that I’ve seen it happen, so you kind of want to take it easy today let that track heal up. The only thing I mean, the infection you know sometimes read as hot is painful to touch that’s what you look for like any other infection that you’ve learned over the years and things like that I would also just be conscientious about keeping things clean wash it though doesn’t be afraid to you know to wash and take off the debris and stuff got to keep it clean other than that I mean it’s just got to settle down you know bruising soaking them down. Um you can drive now, um you probably drove here, and you know usually within a few days is fine you should be you know driving drugged-up obviously.

John: Right.

Dr. Delgado: And you know you’re a grown man and know when you can drive it typically now peep and drive you can take a shower at your place this evening those clothes look what I steal up by this evening you can take shower wash soap and water and other things up it’s not a problem and put some antibiotic cream like backs to tracing on your bone and just like gauze on it so it doesn’t get on your garments. Stuff like that I’m sure that type of thing. The scarring the prevention of scarring improving scarring won’t be done until your wounds heal which is about two or three weeks stitches are out there’s no crusting there’s no open area is just completely healed over then we start the scar management program at that time so that’s not till about two-three weeks so..

John: Okay.

Dr. Delgado: You know, nothing to really be concerned about it that at that time you know exercise you’d like I tell guys you know for six weeks as sort of a standard thing um some men have a really difficult time with that and have to be doing don’t think and I think that as long as you’re doing well that you can start doing some walks and some light or probic things it had about a couple of weeks and then build up slowly you know is something hurts don’t do it. so listen to your body as you’re sort of you know testing the waters if you will get back.

John: Okay.

Dr. Delgado: So kind of playing by ear but I’d rather you do under than over you can wash the best any time move your arms is fine I think that a lot of men really don’t move their arms at them if they get to get more scarring here. I think you can do that I mean maybe not quite yet but what you’ll feel is tightness and you’re kind of working that out so don’t be afraid to kind of you know do things gradually slowly okay you know how you can lift your arms up shampoo and all that kind of stuff it’s fine.

John: What about these? (Points to compression hose)

Dr. Delgado: Good question, those are you know the compression hose now that you’re up and around you can go ahead and take them off. Let me explain why I had men starting to wear them: they’re for blood clots they try their own they’re to try and prevent blood clots that do happen and for some reason I’ve seen some men have blood clots um I’ve had a few now and some have needed treatment some of them have been on airplanes and I think a few things one is guys when they have this surgery that goes home and they veg out to sit in bed watching ESPN, you know, just hang out you know take their pills and just chill and I think that lack of activity promotes it. Okay, so that’s one thing it’s technically airplanes definitely just as next stagnation of being on a plane can definitely cause clots so we have guys go home with these hose on to keep the blood circulating up and we do it on a pecky all patients actually now with people that are flying we actually send them with pneumatic stockings that are battery-operated that will milk their blood up so it’s very you know an important thing for people to wear them because blood clots can kill you. And they do so you can take those off as I said as soon as you’re up walking around you know like normal it’s okay the medications are the only ones you have to continue to take till they’re all gone or the antibiotics everything else you know as needed you can stop the pain pills as soon as you can get on some Tylenol. They sort of you know drug you out you feel icky. No, so I think the sooner the better on that. Vicodin is addicting, if you have any concerns call my phone day or night it patches through my answering service and they call me and I’ll call you back. Um, guys sometimes ask when can I massage and I think that when it’s not painful like now if you start massaging it be uncomfortable people massage to help break up scar tissue you’ll find that as time goes on you’ll feel it being firm hard not normal filming and that scarring is normal that will automatically reduce and stuffing up itself naturally but if you want to accelerate that process then the massaging will help that but it’s not necessary but if you want to you can it’s just you know a circular motion okay like this type of thing but not yet probably at about two or three weeks or so okay okay any other questions you have.

John: So after the six weeks is up, I can go I can go hard at the gym

Dr. Delgado: Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely.

John: Okay.

Dr. Delgado: Yes, no a big fan, no I mean you can you’re if you continue on the path that you’re doing now you may be able to do it earlier.

John: Okay yeah, so I could get into maybe some of my cardio workouts and do some stuff like that.

Dr. Delgado: Yeah in about two weeks we can try lower legs and things like that okay yeah all right.

John: All right I’m really happy with what’s been happening absolutely.

Dr. Delgado: Good that’s the way I like it a trouble-free yeah all right we’ll see you Friday All right, all right you take care of your daughter, I gotta see you later.