Part 3 – The Story of Three Men – Surgery Day


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Video Transcript

Dr. Delgado: You cans in there right over your tummy my pleasure.

Laura: Jerome, I’m Laura they’ll be taking care of you here okay how are you feeling.

Jerome: Oh, a little sore.

Dr. Gaynor: Are those tears of joy?

Dr. Delgado: Are you doing drone how’s it going man? You’re not judged on the joys of happiness well you know I’m glad we could all help you out there oh it’s all over I think things turned out really nicely.

Jerome: Yeah.

Dr. Delgado: I’m excited for you to thank God sit back relax floors a rowing expert fine and we’re right here with these around a because I think it’s okay so appreciative man I love that I wish all of our we’re done with Jerome and actually he did very very well he’s awake from anesthesia now awake talking and pain-free he tells us and everything went well I was you know quite pleased with things so wrong to the second case.

Laura: So did I swing your legs over here just that are you feeling you wear how’s that feel thank you, sir!

Jerome: Excellent look how good he looks ready for a hamburger.

Laura: We’re ready to go so unless you have any other questions, I’m good to go.

Jerome: Okay well thank you guys. A little pain up top but nothing like not gonna matter nothing like it was when.

Laura: I first came out about 40 well.

Jerome: I’m off to the races I’m off and enjoying the life I guess it’ll be the life of Riley but it’d be different than what it’s been like.

Dr. Delgado: The cases are over we had a long but very successful day I think everyone will turn out well I was very pleased with how things went. Jerome’s gonna be the most difficult due to the extent of his skin and a large heel he was the other two or much  younger and should do quite well.

Dr. Gaynor: We had a good full day and everything went very well and so it’s always a pleasure working at this office. I may enjoy all the people I work with they become my friends and this it’s a good experience. I enjoyed every day is is is good it’s long but it is very very good and it feels very good to take care of patient.

Dr. Delgado: How’s it going we saved the best for last you?

Kevin: Thank you, that’s great that’s really good yeah they’re gonna be here and your waiting room is positioned right across your little mini kitchen yeah whatever you have here I see you eating.

Dr. Delgado: Well you’ve just been recovered from ten minutes now I say you’re recovering pretty good thank you are I feel good I recognize everybody you know you’re very alert totus a good thing well you ready going to sleep joke you said we went to sleep the other pout you to sleep yeah that’s what you know how far you go.

Kevin: Eight to six and you tried to fight it

Coleen: See this pretty lady I wanted to introduce you I thought I’d match you just seemed like such a nice girl I thought you too might like her.

Melissa: I’m Melissa. You look good they see them pretty alert little tired get my parents together but you say a few martinis.

Kevin: Yeah I’m sorry yeah do you want to help yeah see you next year.

Nurse: Okay, she feels okay then gee don’t you know no sorry let’s go then imma take you down a wheelchair was it go let’s go.

Unnamed man: There’s also the possibility that surgery won’t turn them out to be exactly the way they want to look there are cases of surgeons removing too much or too little and if they remove too much it’s a bigger problem to resolve and they don’t look like there’s a lot of people who think they’re going to look like Tom Cruise post-surgery and that’s not a realistic chest.

Dr. Delgado: We could unveil things and see how things look see if there are any problems see how things are healing we’re gonna pull our drains today that’s sometimes uncomfortable but the most interesting thing is the patient gets the first chance to look at themselves even though things are swollen and black and blue and somewhat painful is still a very interesting time so this is their first follow-up appointments and we’ll see them again I’ve got a week starting to take out stitches and getting new garments on them so that’s our plan today just get two drains out and get them cleaned up and show them how they look. everybody did surprisingly well I got no cause they called them all the following day and they all were doing great no pain or discomfort. I was very encouraged. No issues and that’s the way I like it no issues.

Colleen: Today the guys are coming in and it’s been two days after their surgery so we’re all pretty excited to see them they likely will be coming and walking a  little bit on the slow side probably a little sore because the surgery was pretty aggressive the exciting part is we take off their garments their dressings we clean everything off take some drains out and then possibly try on some new vests and get things that are a little more secure and compression garments because they still have to be real careful as far as x-rays and keeping their activities from low and prevent some swelling and some side-effects this is a very very simple office uh visit the gentlemen will come on in and they’ll come to the room it’ll take probably 10-15 minutes from the time we start taking off their garments and bandages to the time they’ll get another appointment to come back in another possibly four to seven days.