Part 2 – Story of Three Men – Pre-Op Exam


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Video Transcript

Dr. Delgado (To Man 1): Examine you and take pictures and then I want to go over your chest and explain what I see and what you can expect.

Dr. Delgado (To Man 2): So we’re going to do is get you ready for surgery and kind of go over some details and then we’ll just em you will take some pictures and take your blood pressure okay great sounds.

Dr. Delgado (To Man 3): Good I got my buddy, he’s out, but Pastor Darryl Pearson would be taking the home the pastor ya heard of yours.

Man 3: Huh, a good buddy of mine we were run back two years ago yeah they’re wearing our addictions together, and yeah yeah the guy who did something full circle so yeah we just kind of met back up in life and he’s the most important bit, that’s the great man this is a pastor and so we’ve been buddies for a long time. So that’s part of my secret world is that yeah you know he’s just starting to get to know the real me the guy that’s been in lockdown and then prison mental prison.

Pastor: So sweet I’m here just to support him and encourage him and I really just see him grow as he goes through something that he’s been wanting to go through for a long time.

Dr. Delgado to Man 1: So you’ve got good quality skin which is very important for contraction give me a flex of your pack good don’t you tell me what you don’t like?

Man 1: Oh I definitely feel that there’s from this part there’s time for the same feeling with them I feel that this suction here probably is the pinnacle of it I feel is just that fatty look again I see coming in from these angles as well as the kind of extra fat there.

Dr. Delgado to man 1: And so basically it’s this whole area that you don’t like.

Man 1: Yeah okay once you flex your tact like you for doing so it’s this kind of stuff that’s kind of there right now.

Man 3: I can see it right now so I can’t look down on the other side now maybe when I was young I could so the gravity has definitely set in on me and so what I don’t like it’s a protrusion and I think the sagging.

Dr. Delgado to Man 1: In your goals what would you like to see.

Man 1: My goals are down what they’d have to flatten was as much as possible would like to see the shrink as much as possible and would like to sleep offending out of this extra fat inside just some.

Man 3: I don’t know what it feels like to be flat yes I have no idea what that feels like now overall first and foremost that’s okay so what I’m looking at and then defamation and then definition and being a defined chef the area.

Dr. Delgado to Man 2: Now I think they were on the same page I think we’ve communicated well what your expectations are and what our invitations are which the folds the issue that may be one but other than that you know I think you’ll do very well.

Dr. Delgado to Man 3: Overall, I think you should get a very good outcome I think we’ll be able to flatten this I think we’ll be able to reduce this bulge that you have here and I think we’ll be able to take some off here you want to be careful that you don’t create a divot here is something but just a little bit less fullness here is going to give us more shape in your chest.

Man 3: I’ve seen people that come out with amazing results from modern medicine and how these procedures are such so I don’t have a whole lot of questions I’m just I’m in a place of you know I’m just in awe that the opportunity is presented itself in such a way that you know I’m looked at some of the before and after your shots and so I’m just now got this sense of… up oh I’m just overwhelmed at this point.

Dr. Delgado: Well that’s great, we’ll take good care you will take good care you all right baby let’s go, man.

Nurse to Man 1: Alright alright great, and then I’ll put you sort of like in a waiting area and the doctor will come in and give you a martini and I mean a martini. And then you’ll wobble into the O.R., okay and once you’re in there just so that you know the worst part is going to be is I’m going to have to prep you basically from your neck all the way to your feet is what you’re going to be it’s going to really bowl you’re totally naked. Anybody standing like this and I’m going to cover your whole body with betadine and then what’s going to happen once that’s all done you’re going to not touch anything on the bed as it’s sterile except you’re going to just go and sit your butt back as far as you can and center and lay down and keep your arms out and then just lay them down along now we’ll go over this stuff with you again to recovery room but you don’t remember a word I’ve said because we’re the drugs that we give you across this amnesia and I can’t tell you how many times people will say to me have I had the operation yet yes you in recovery I’m every clearly what am I going into the operating room if I would at five minutes later.

Man 2: I feel pretty calm and relaxed you know I guess I’m excited to see what you know it just kind of looks like you know after the surgery and after it heals and stuff you know it’s lived with this condition for so long I just I’m actually excited to see it change for once yeah I know what this looks like I know what this feels like and I just know it doesn’t feel good doesn’t look good.

Christine Surgery Nurse: I’m Christine and I’m the surgery nurse I’m a circulating nurse I’ve been a circulating nurse for 17 years and four of those have been with dr. Delgado and today we’re going to be doing gynecomastia which is typically considered a male breast reduction well I come in the day of surgery and I have not met the patient before that day I come in I introduce myself and I do a pre-op interview that’s what we call it and I talked with a patient I do some post-op teaching with the patient and then I’ll prep the patient take them into surgery and I’m the one that does the actual surgery with the patient afterward we bring the patient into recovery and another nurse will take over and she’ll recover the patient and that’s my contact with the patient.

Christine to Man 2: What’s going to happen now is Dr. Delgado is going to come in after he finishes with the surgery but before yours he’s going to come in and Mark you  with some pins mark on your chest did you shave your chest ok and then Dr. gaynor going to come in he’s going to start your ID ask you any last minute questions and then I’m going to come back and give you a breathing treatment and then you’re going to walk yourself into surgery ok this is going to be your best friend for a couple weeks it’s going to go just like this it’s going to be tied at the top it’s time to be  velcroed we’re going to tie it it’s going to be really tight under the armpits and what we’re going to do is we put foam under this and there’s going to  be like Vaseline and you’re going to it’s going to be messy but just leave it alone don’t do anything with it don’t take it off or anything until you see Dr. Delgado your first post-op visit and he’ll be the one to take it off all right i’ll let you guys see you guys when we give that okay you did will be.

Man 2’s father: Hope you have a good surgery.

Nurse: Are you excited? Good we do so many of these surgeries did you do research on the internet.

Nurse Laura Tamara: Well my name’s Laura Tamara, and I man are in the works in the recovery room and basically take care of the patients after they come out of the operating room make sure they’re stable enough to go home handles pain control make sure they’re comfortable and they understand their closed-off instructions but interestingly when I whenever I have a male patient in here I always ask them how do you find out about Naruto bottom they always say something, in turn, it whereas women it’s not that much that there are more word-of-mouth types of it but with the guys cinnamon most patients do really well so I don’t know Mr. maybe explain them again but I do know that after they come out of anesthesia they’re very happy because often this is a life-changing event for them and they’re very excited about it.