Gynecomastia is a prevalent, if relatively unknown condition that affects men and boys of all ages. It occurs when excess breast tissue forms in the chest area, leading to enlarged breasts that have a more feminine appearance than desired.

While it’s not often discussed, diagnosed, or treated, it can change the behavior and well-being of people who experience it, no matter what type or when it occurs. If you’re adapting your lifestyle, wardrobe, or self-esteem due to the gradual appearance of a more feminine-looking chest, you can benefit from knowing about and finding treatment options for gynecomastia.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia encompasses several types of breast enlargement that affects males due to a few possible causes. In pubescent and post-pubescent men, as well as really fit men or bodybuilders, gynecomastia typically appears as what’s called “puffy nipple” gynecomastia, where a slight buildup of excess fat tissue directly beneath the nipple leads to a more spherical shape and stretched or even shiny appearance to the nipple.

Gynecomastia doesn’t always just involve slight fat buildup, though. Many men in and around San Jose experience excess glandular tissue that enlarges one or both breasts in specific ways. Some men have general breast enlargement whereas others have both breast enlargement and excess skin that leads to a sagging appearance of the chest. These are more severe signs of gynecomastia that will almost certainly require a male breast reduction procedure to correct, even with lifestyle changes that might stop the cause of gynecomastia formation

What Causes Gynecomastia?

The main cause of gynecomastia in many men in San Jose is hormonal changes. This accounts for a large proportion of young men who experience the condition as well as many bodybuilders or others on anabolic steroids, for example. Another leading cause is weight gain and genetics, where some men are simply predisposed to breast tissue growth and gynecomastia. Finally, some substance abuses can lead to this condition, including alcohol and illicit drug use.

Simply stopping the behaviors that cause it or increasing exercise may not always revert the effects of gynecomastia. In many cases, the lasting impact of male breast enlargement cannot be corrected without male breast reduction surgery.


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Treating Gynecomastia in San Jose, CA

The best way to know how to treat your gynecomastia is to talk to a local gynecomastia surgeon and physician. They will be able to examine you, diagnose the specific type of gynecomastia you’re experiencing, and from there determine a treatment plan to correct it.

No matter the extent and type of gynecomastia, especially those with skin redundancy or excess, men will need to be treated with a personalized surgery to remove excess gland tissue and skin. The procedure steps that are right for your body type, weight, and degree of gynecomastia is highly variable, which means it’s best to have several consultations to make sure you trust the diagnosis and the doctor involved before proceeding with the treatment. That’s why is here to help you become informed before you commit to any given practice for gynecomastia treatment.

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