Author Topic: Has anyone's puffy nipples gone away after puberty  (Read 16358 times)

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I know this may be a lost cause asking if anyone's gyno went away after puberty because they wouldnt be on this site, but did anyone's gyno actually go away after puberty.Im starting to think its crap because ive never seen a story in which it goes away on its own, and the person was not very overweight at one time. thank you


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Yep, my gyne has pretty much dissapeared now, and i cant tell a difference between my nipples and normal ones. So don't think its hopeless, cos its not.

Back when i had gyne, and finally plucked up the courage to visit my GP, he told me this: in 16 years of being a GP, he's only ever had one patient who had to have surgery.

I believe most of the teenagers here are just here because they have worked themselves up over something that will fix itself.

oh and by the way, my gyne left after 3 years, so when the doctors on this site tell you its 2 years or nothing, that just aint true. No offense to them, but it seemed to me a lot of them were more interested in making money than giving advice. I remember once how i asked what caused pubertal gyne, and a doctor did not tell me, only gave me a load of links to his before and after gallery and how wonderful surgery was - which certainly confused me.

The best thing teenagers can do if they have gyne is to sit it out, and try to forget about it. I used to be constantly touching and feeling in the hope that it might have gotten smaller. If you can, try to not even look at it, as it'll make it seem like you've had gyne for an eternity.

I'm 16 now and its gone after 3 years of embarassment and hysteria. The best advice i can give you is; try to be happy about yourself, cos chances are - it will go away by itself.

Oh and as to the reason there are no stories here about how teen gyne has gone, is because once it has - people aren't likely to return to these forums. I remember seeing loads of teenage people asking questions franticly, and they all just dissapeared after some time, i wonder why. The only reason i still check the forums now and again is because i promised myself i would.

So try not to think about it, dont touch or even look at your nipples if you can, even if that means going on the forums less. Stay strong and happy about your body and good luck to you

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I've had mine for almost 5 years, I think in most cases after the inital tenderness and pain goes away and the gyno is still there it's not pubertal.  Don't quote me on that but I did a lot of research a while back.  Also after 2 years and it doesn't go away, it's probably there to stay.


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