Young Men With Gynecomastia Need Support!

Up to 65% of young men will develop breasts by the age of 14. As boys go through puberty, they will have an imbalance of sex hormones. This is a normal condition but can be very frightening as they see their body going through changes

Unfortunately, if boys do not understand what is happening they will probably try to hide their chest with loose fitting shirts, avoid swimming, or any activities that require removing their shirt. Most boys are too embarrassed to confide in their parents.

With the prevalence of bullying in school, boys with gynecomastia are easy targets. Cruel nicknames can cause isolation and self-hatred.

Thankfully, 90% to 95% of young men will find the condition will resolve itself in a few weeks up to 2 years without any treatment. However, when you are young, 2 years can feel like an eternity! Receiving emotional support from parents or other family members can make a big difference.

Hopefully, young men and their parents will find this website. In addition to all the information posted here, there are many forums available (at no charge) where members can ask questions of each other and of gynecomastia specialist.

There are many personal stories posted on this site, one in particular is “A Mother’s Story.” She encourages boys to let their parents know how much they are suffering, and that they may be surprised at how supportive they are.

If any young men are reading this blog but feel it is impossible to talk to their parents, you might try sending an email with a link to the Mother’s story and also to this site. It is surprising how many people are unaware of gynecomastia. It is a tragedy for boys to suffer when help is available. The pictures below are of a 12 year old boy, he did not have any skin excision due to good elasticity.

In some cases of severe gynecomastia or severe depression, surgery may be an option and can be a life-changing event. Parents are urged to seek a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia.

Young Men With Gynecomastia

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Dr. Delgado, MD is a world-recognized plastic surgeon and specialist in the treatment of male breast enlargement, also called gynecomastia. He has developed new techniques and owns and operates, which has become the largest gynecomastia forum in the world. Dr. Delgado holds the two most coveted credentials; the certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery.