Gynecomastia Affects Posture, Many men attempting to hide their gynecomastia breasts may roll their shoulders and even tip their spinal cord forward. Ultimately, this poor posture may have many detrimental effects such as; back and neck pain, and misalignment of their skeleton, and even digestive and breathing problems.

Slouching shows a lack of self-confidence, insecurity, and weakness which may affect personal relationships and job prospects. With continued slouching, the joints, ligaments, and cartilage may become inflamed and then the body will react to the stress by producing cortisol. When there is excess cortisol produced in the body, the production of testosterone will be reduced, resulting in additional complications.

Standing straight counteracts the pull of gravity. Bad posture will affect energy expenditure and as mentioned hormone production.

It is challenging to correct bad posture, but men who have male breast reduction surgery have new found confidence that encourages them to stand tall and proud.

Gynecomastia Affects Posture