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Im having surgery on friday! Im nervous and excited at the same time

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hello I would like to share my story here..my name is armando and I suffer a lot due to this condition...im from texas and I finally decide to go thru surgery to get this fixed cause im just so tired of this...i have been thru a lot of bad moments because of this and all I just want is to have a "normal life" I dont feel confident enough to go to a swimming pool or even to take my shir off at my own house cause I dont like people to see me shirtless :( I finally getting surgery in two days and I feel kind of scared but then I start thinking about all the possitive thing this will bring and I get all excited lol....if everything goes fine this is gonna change my life...and I will for sure post some pictures befor and after surgery :) please wish me luck everybody cause this is actually my first surgery on my entire life lol

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=23255.0

congratulations on getting the surgery done. I'm sure it's going to turn out great.

I'm also in texas and have been looking for surgeons. If I may ask, who is yours? 

I got my surgery over at mexico in cd juarez actually the difference between prices is huge!! I got my surgery for 1000 and the doctor I went to is anounced in a website from the usa...i got my surgery on wednesday and now im.feeling better the only problem is the draianages they suck!! Lol

That's cool man! I'm glad to hear you got your surgery and that everything turned out well.

The price you paid was a steal.  I was quoted 5,500 for the surgery.  I plan on having it in mid-July, maybe a bit earlier. I'm just concerned about the recovery and how much time I'll need to take off work.

Anyhow, congrats, and do keep us posted on your recovery.

Congratulations! Youll feel a lot better now with gyne out of the way! Enjoy!

hey im on my third day after surgery and im.feeling a lot better I  still have the drainages tho but for.the first time I saw my chest flat since I was a little kid :') im so fu#@$ happy lol  so yeah as soon as I get my final pictures I will post them :D now im having a life change ;)

Re: Im having surgery on friday! Im nervous and excited at the same time
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Congratulations...and pictures ?   :)

Re: Im having surgery on friday! Im nervous and excited at the same time
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Its been several months since your surgery, how did it turn out? Are you happy with the results? What Dr. performed your surgery and would you recommend him? Did you like traveling to Juarez?

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