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Endocrinology visit

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Re: Endocrinology visit
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Well I have been on Androgel for several months now and recently had another set of blood tests.  The Endocrinologist said the Testosterone levels are still too low and the prolactin is still too high.  At my recent  visit with him he decided to try cabergolene to lower the prolactin levels.  He wants me to try that for a few weeks then stop the androgel to see if the lower prolactin allows the natural testosterone levels to increase on their own.  I haven't noticed any growth in the breast tissue while being on the androgel.  I have had a nice weight loss though (about 15-20 lbs) that I had not been able to shed for several years.  I know it's crazy but even with the weight loss I still see moobs first when I look in a mirror.  I talked to my wife again recently and told her that I want to schedule the surgery to make them normal.  she is supportive of it so I think I will contact the plastic surgeon I had met with a year or so ago.  He had recommended I see the endocrinologist before doing anything.  Well I've done that and feel I would be safe to go the surgery route without regrowth.  I should probably ask my endo to confirm that suspicion before I go see the surgeon though.


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