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26 years old, posted here in '09, Gyne seems worse,maybe puffy nipples? Help?

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I've had this since I was 14, my nipples were inverted and i went in to see about surgery,(I was 15 then) he recommended getting them pierced as he could get them to come out with forceps. Piercing them worked! However I'm left with rather large Nipples. I've always worked out and am husky but in good physical shape, 5'8, 175lbs. If I do have Gyne or puffy nipples, I most def want it corrected, hoping they can go direct through my belly button to minimize scarring. Any advice helps! Thanks guys=)

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=27815.0

I don't think the belly-button method has ever been used..

Well my consult is tomorrow so we'll find out what my options are. Aparantley I can't seem to upload pics from my iPhone.

Good luck. Remember, don't make ANY hasty decisions. Do your research and don't do anything unless you feel 100% good about it, there's no going back afterwards.

Ya! Finally after all these years I managed to figure out (financially) how to get my surgery! However, when I went to my consult yesterday and the surgeon was examining me, he highly suggested I get my stomach done at the same time or else the results may not be what Im looking for etc, SO he said that his clinic specifically is trying a new technique and recomended it for me under the circumstances, and its going directly through my Belly Button! I was SOOO happy when he said that! This is when it got interesting, he said he would have me do my physical at my pre op normally but wanted it done yesterday to make sure I was a good candidate and all was well until the person examining me discovered that I have a mild outie belly button that I wasnt aware of! Soooo after the physical was done they had me wait in the room for about 10 mins or so and in walked a different surgeon with a cart with tools on it...She said since we are going Umbilically and you have a protrusion  we need to put a Navel Compression in you, I said okie doke and it didn't hurt all that much, the worst part is the constant pressure with the dressing, So I have no idea whats going to come of all this, nor did I expect my procedure to go this way by any means, but im not a doctor, they are! Let me know some thoughts! =)

Heres a pic

26 years old, posted here in '09, Gyne seems worse,maybe puffy nipples? Help?

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