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Why is this happening?

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Why is this happening?
« on: June 10, 2015, 06:35:07 AM »
from 2 to 3 months I feel my softer breasts have grown a bit, especially the left. I noticed something else and my biggest sensitive than they were areolas. I also always accumulate fat in the hips and back. I am concerned that several people have told me for quite some time I have hips and my body has ways to woman
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Re: Why is this happening?
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other photo, 

Re: Why is this happening?
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can se a problem of hormones?


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Re: Why is this happening?
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Honestly, I really do not see a problem.
It would be highly unusual for you to have a notable change in Gynecomastia within a few months unless you have changed something in a major way within that time period.  Such as a medication that was started three months ago may be causing a notable swelling of the breast that soon.  Remarkable, if the offending drug is quickly stopped, the swelling will often slowly regress.  
I have had Gynecomastia since my early teens.  There are times when I am more aware of the condition and there are times when the breasts seem more sensitive than others.  But overall, the condition has not really changed in many years.  My perception is the only thing that really changes.  By the way, I will be 78 next month.
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Re: Why is this happening?
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looks like a normal male backside to me. Most men do store fat in their backs and depending on your receptors and deposits may collect more in the hips than the belly, doesnt necessarily mean you are shapely like a woman....A bigger butt than other men also means 0 as it may just be again fat storage, most women like a man with a nice ass so count the blessing there, and idk what your chest looks like but if it looks as feminine as the backside then you have 0 to worry about



Re: Why is this happening?
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All looks well within NORMAL to me!

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