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My Gyno pics 19 y.o., rate plzzz. POST OP UPDATED WITH PICS!! updated (5/26/08)

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Re: My Gyno pics 19 y.o., rate plzzz. POST OP UPDATED WITH PICS!!
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ok here my update, by tomorrow it will be 4 weeks!!!  swelling is pretty much all down, i have full range of motion, the oonly bad thing is scar tissue and i have some lumps from it mostly on the lower part of my pecs.  it makes a little crease under my left nipple but im sure once the scar tissue goes down it will be all good.  as far as Dr. Lo hes a great PS i email him all my questions he responds within a few hours sometimes minutes.  he did a pretty good job i think the only things that i dont like arent an act of him but just the way my body is healing (scar tissue). stitches are almost all out just a little havent dissolved yet.  this week im getting back to the gym and gonna start lifting doing lighter weight and seeing how i feel from there but def gonna be pushin the weight if i feel comfortable.

Hey man. Chest is looking good. How was Dr. Lo? Are you pleased with your results?

wats up yea im pleased with them and i know its only gonna get better with time.  Dr. Lo is a good doctor theres not much to say about him but hes got the credentials and he good with answering questions, i email him all the time with anything questions i have and hes quick to respond.

Thanks for the reply man. I'm scheduled for surgery on July 3rd with Dr. Lo. I'm Very excited! I'll let you know how it all works out.

def let me know and let me know what you think of him,  is ur name john by any chance?

Nope, I'm not John. I'll keep you updated with my surgery.

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