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Gyno Rejected Frm endo but still worried :-[

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Gyno Rejected Frm endo but still worried :-[
« on: September 09, 2014, 11:56:36 AM »
Today i had been to endocrinologist which was quite experienced one, i asked him about my hormone level so he said by looking at you i dont think so you have any hormonal issues and then i came directly to the point of gynecomastia so he checked my chest around nipples for any gland he said that its only fat you dont have any gland reducing fat it will disappear so still i am confused because he dint said me for hormones test (estrogen,test...). what should i do go for losing my bf to a single digit or for a surgery ? And only CBC,TSH,LIPID PROFILE,RBS test he said me.
 plzz advice attaching my pics

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Re: Gyno Rejected Frm endo but still worried :-[
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2014, 08:34:26 PM »
To be polite, I would consult a plastic surgeon.  The only need for an endocrinologist is if you have had very recent growth of your breasts.  And by the way, the endo didn't know what he is talking about -- he should have drawn blood for the appropriate tests.  One cannot diagnose an endocrine problem by looking at your chest or feeling it.  Even the best gyne surgeons can't always tell what is in there simply by feeling for it.  Many times fat feels firm and breast tissue feels soft.

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Re: Gyno Rejected Frm endo but still worried :-[
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2014, 12:43:30 AM »
Yes a surgeon is the only one who can guide me but that endo said to me that here in india You can't trust the surgeons even if you don't have gynecomastia they will do a plastic surgery for money and he was well confident that I don't have gynecomastia
What you say by looking at the pic ??

Re: Gyno Rejected Frm endo but still worried :-[
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Your pictures show a mild case of gyne -- but you are also a bit overweight.  Best bet would be to go on an intense 6 month trial of diet and exercise and shed maybe 20 lbs or so and build up some muscle.  Then take another look at your chest.  If you are satisfied, so be it.  If you still see and feel some excess tissue there that is objectionable, then you should consult a surgeon.

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