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Recommend an experienced gynecomastia surgeon in the Minneapolis area

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My husband and I  went for a consult with Dr David O Smith and I guess we didn't really ask him too many questions. Reading through this site I realize we should have asked a lot more, but now that I'm wiser, I intend to do more research.

While his office is peppered with certificates from all kinds of boards, I wasn't too impressed with his salesman-like spiel. As soon as we got there he started off by showing us one of his operating rooms and launching into how it is best to have it done there, rather than in a hospital where he doesn't get the nurses he wants or the instruments. He  recommended that my husband get liposuction and glandular removal which will cost us $4999, but he also recommends that my hsuband get liposuction done in the abdominal region for an additional $2000 (which is supposed to be a good deal for a procedure which costs $5000 on its own!) . I don't think my husband is even that much over weight....he works out regularly (especially the upper body). And the pictures he showed us were 10 yrs old....apparently he makes the incisions in different places now. Altogether, I wasn't too impressed.

So my question here is, whether anyone knows of a really good gynecomastia surgeon in the Minneapolis area. And I'd greatly appreciate any experience they might want to share.


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=14064.0

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