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Information for everyone - Dr Michael Brown

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Information for everyone - Dr Michael Brown
« on: February 14, 2006, 10:50:58 AM »
just for all to know, i met dr michael brown this week. he sorta convinced me first that i dont have tissue, only lipo shud be fine . just for u guys to know, i had lipoo done last yr, so now u know y im lookin around for a second op. :-(

anyways, he seemed to be in a hurry, says i dont need the op, but if i want, he wud be happy to help. ?? what the ?&*#

no information on what technique he wil use, made me remove my shirt and then left the room , came back sometime later , and again checks me, some lady entered the room without knocking... i  mean what was goin on?? i was standing without the shirt on and this lady looks at me. im so freakin embarred man!

in short, try goin elsewhere. i do believe he is good at lipo, and other procedures for women. i mean i saw a lot of lady patients out there. he must be famous in the lady circle. ;)

just for information. im not tryin to make him look bad or somethin. just my input.

thx guys!

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