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Wingman's Surgery w/Levick, Pictures Pre, Post and Of Surgery - One year later

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My story;

I have been browsing the forums for around a year now and have yet to introduce myself in a proper manner, at least not in the UK section anyway.

I'm 22 years old (N.B as of writing, I am now 23) and I live in the Midlands. I am 5'10", weigh 11 stone and I am a slim build.  

I have suffered from gynaecomastia for around eleven years now (from since I was 11 years old) and it has been a constant concern and personal struggle for me, as I'm sure you can all relate. I was also diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis around this time (a form of IBD, similar but indeed not as severe as Crohns Disease). Whether this relates to the gynaecomastia or not I am unsure.

18 months ago I decided that enough was enough and they had to go. Being exceptionally misinformed and uneducated on the subject I went about my way trying to figure out the quick fixes. We've all been there, reading about magic pills, amazing books, chest work outs and diets that will cure you magically.

For a few months I sure enough believed I could "work" them off. I trained hard, lost a stone in weight (not that I thought I had a stone to lose, but managed it anyway) and packed on some muscle. I was impressed with the results, and felt better in myself, but the gynaecomastia had, if anything, worsened.

The feeling finally sunk in and I caved with the idea that surgery would be the only way to go. Looking back this was incredibly naive of me, I should have known all along. Never mind, we are not all doctors after all!

Fast forward to today. I booked an appointment to see Dr Levick last week and managed to meet with him for a consultation this afternoon.

It went exceptionally well.

I had thought about Dr. Karidis but having seen the results here, I couldn't pick fault with either surgeon. In any case, Dr Levick's hospital is 20 miles from my home (a mere 6 miles from my work place). Dr. Karidis would be circa 150 miles. A no brainer, all things considered.

Dr Levick is a caring doctor and paid a great deal of attention to my condition. He was greatly sympathetic with my gyne, and my IBD for that matter, and provided images of results he has had with previous operations. He also provided a lot of detail of the whole procedure, what to expect, potential problems and recovery process and times.

I now have surgery booked for the 27th, so a mere 17 days from consultancy to surgery. I think this has come around exceedingly quickly and I am very excited for the day to come round. Of course, I am anxious of the surgery and recovery, but all things considered, this is going to change my life for the better.

I will provide an on going journal here, so hopefully to help others make the right decision, whatever that will be for that individual.

A big thank you to all those who have posted their experiences here previously. You've made me realise I am not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A few pictures, pre-op!

Ten minutes pre op :)

Those not wishing to scroll through these pages please view the below images to see my transformation at 101 days post operation;

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=26300.0

Follow my Twitter: www.twitter.com/wingman0401

Hi mate. Your story is very similar to mine. I spent hours on the treadmill trying to work off my puffy nipples, aswel as doing lots of different chest exercises. It's can be very demotivating. My gyne looks much like yours.

I'm booked in with Levick a couple of days after you, so i guess we'll be recovering together. Best of luck on the day, Levick's been doing this 30 years so he must be pretty good by now! ;)

Hiya bud. Great hearing you've got your surgery booked in. I will have much time on my hands after the surgery so it would be great to catch up with yourself and keep in touch to see how we're both doing.

Levick certainly seems perfect for the job. Suffering from gyne himself he knows the mental chellenges it can put you through.

Best of luck to both you and your surgery.


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Good luck with everything wingman.

I thought I could work mine off too, it was a right kick in the bollocks when I started to figure out that I couldn't.

Thanks enom! Appreciated.

The moment when you realise that it can't be done is a painful (and expensive) one!

For anyone interested - I recently applied for the BMI credit card which gives 0% on purchases for 6 months (an interest rate of 0.79% per month, APR 9.9% thereafter). You can't apply online (AFAIK) but I had a prompt response from the company informing me I had been successful. I'm 22, and although I'm not sure what my credit score is like, I'm impressed I got accepted for the card.

One quick update, I've now received my compression vest from MaCom (use "MYBREAST" promotional code for a discount).

The vest is well made in build quality and materials, and I highly recommend it from MaCom.


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It's what I received x2 black MaCom vests.

I've only purchased one, as I am going to try and wash it everyday.

Should I buy another...? How long will one take to dry?


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Mate, you definitely need 2 of these.  Even if they take half an hour on the radiator (which they don't)  That is valuable healing/compression you'll be missing out on.  Give yourself the luxury of being able to wash one at your leisure.  Plus they hold water well when hand washed, never timed it but they aren't quick drying.  And believe me, you feel naked without one on, vulnerable.  Also practice hooking it together a few times to suss out the best way for you...I undo the top first when I take it off but I do it up from the bottom/middle when putting back on as this puts less strain on your chest.

I have to disagree here. I only had one and when I wash it, the whole process takes max 75 minutes. Hand wash in a sink with a small amount of soap powder. Then rinse off with cold water and ring off. Then place it inside a dry towel and hold one end, get another person to hold the other. Twist it until you can twist no longer, and it's gets the majority of the water out. Hang it out to dry outside, or on a radiator and job don. Saved £40 (or however much the vest costs). Two would be easier, but not necessary. I spent the extra money on a few t-shirts, as I know I'll wear them more than a few weeks :)

Remember Nipper, Levick issued bandages that you can't take off for 7 days, so the worst of the healing process, when the skin is most tender, it's undercover anyway.


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Mine were provided so I don't know any different but for the sake of 40 sheets, I'd rather have piece of mind and less fannying on ;)   I'm sure it's within the tolerance to take the vest off for a respite through the day, I just think 75 mins is a bit too much time to be without it.  I take it no vests are provided with Levick at all?  I don't think two vests is being decadent, just sensible.  I guess you could wash it every two days then, meaning less down time.

Yeah there's no need to wash it more than once every two days, with the weather in October combined with no physical activity. Once the bandages come of, I wore the vest without washing it for 4 days straight, then you're 12 days post op (i kept the bandages on for 8 days), and by that point, 75 minutes without compression makes no difference at all. £40 is a lot of money considering these vest will never be used after 5 weeks. And once you're only wearing them at night, one of them will be pointless anyway.

Thats just from my experience though. I'm sure others may be different. :)

And yeah, that's correct. No vests are provided with Levick. But you wake up after the op with padded bandages, which are tight. You have to keep these on for 7/8 days, without taking them off at all, meaning no showers etc. If you were wearing the vests from day 1 post-op, like with Karidis. I'd agree, two are a must.


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Guess it's just what you're used to, and you will never miss what you never experienced in the first place ;)

I dried one on the radiator today in practically no time, once the radiator was up to temp, just hung it on the corner and flipped it round after about 30 minutes, almost done.  Guess if I actually had to fork out for these myself, I'd be of a similar mindset..

Both arguments are completely valid, one saves you money, one gives you convenience. Neither detract from the recovery process when having surgery with Levick, however, and this is the most important part for me. Had I been with Karidis I would definitely agree with two.

Thanks for the help both.

Re: Dr Levick - Op 27th September - Pre Op Pictures Inc
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Surgery is tomorrow, and I'm still not feeling all that anxious which is surprising. Typically, I have always had butterflies for any medical procedure. I guess the appeal of the result is shielding me from any worry or concern with the surgery.

I've not taken any Arnica yet, was supposed to take some a week prior to surgery. Completely slipped my mind, hopefully I can get some on Friday.

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