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Surgery with Levick 3/10/2013 - pre-op vs post-op pic now up

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Thank you for the kind words my friend I hope you're doing okay.

*** Update * **

This morning was my first walk around my room and I felt okay took some side view pictures of myself in the gown and the difference is unbelievable, I look............. slim.

Just now had my drains pulled out and need to lie in bed for twenty minutes and I will admit it did hurt, the left side is still hurting as if some blood is leaking inside or something I hope it'll wear off.

Also Dr. Levick came to see me this morning and he gave me the pics. Guys I think you're going to amazed, he said I am one of the biggest breast size patient he's ever done and you'll see that even I upload the pics later on if I get time. It looks like he's resting two massive beef burger patties on my chest, I was big but I didn't realise there was that much in me, can't wait to upload the pics.

*** Question***

Guys I apologise for asking this but please can someone who's had the op let me know, did you manage OK going for a number 2 on the day after? Luckily I don't need to yet but I'm not looking forward to it, since my drains have been pulled out I feel extremely sore and I can't imagine reaching around behind me to clean. Did you guys cope okay with that?  It won't tear my wounds or anything if I try will it? Thanks for your help in answering this strange question.......

Congrats mate you're on the other side!! Looking forward to seeing the pics.


 Yeh it was difficult at first reaching down to wipe but just take your time with it and move slowly. I used a down in between my legs approach to wipe as reaching all the way around wasn't really possible. Hope this helps!

Surgery with Levick booked for 3/10/2013 - Pre and post op pics now here
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Sorry guys but I can't seem to get more than one picture attached to each post, so I'll have to post them as separate posts. Here is the front view of my very sexy female chest:

Side view of my boobs, whatever cup size they were:


Me lying down with flat chest and gyno tissue on top of my chest. I clearly have loose skin at the moment, I've not even dared to look under my bandages yet, I probably won't until after the week is up and I can remove them. Anyways, for the grand finale, here is some of the biggest boob you've seen, removed:


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That sure is a long of junk and gunk gone from your chest - I think you're going to have to throw a lot of clothes away now!

Happy recovery!

Thank you mate. Because my gyne was so large it kinda went with my build type and with clothes on I sorta looked like I had huge pecs (because I always wore a compression top underneath so it flattened my breasts). When I looked at myself after the op in the down  from a side on view I just look like a different person I couldn't believe it. Three days in and still sore but getting better. Back is really starting to ache from sleeping in the same position all the time. Sorry to keep posting but other than my gf this place is the only place that knows I've had this done so I feel like I've got real friends here :)

Wow great results. I also have the same size as yours and planning for surgery soon

But mate how well has the skin tightened? Did Dr Levick say that you would need another surgery for skin removal ?

Hi friend, so far I have no idea how the skin is coping. I haven't even peaked under the bandages, I'm scared to do so just in case I ruin the bandaging.

At the consultation Levick said that I had a 50/50 chance that I would need skin removal, but then after the surgery he said "I think you'll  get away with it". Also he mentioned that if I work on my pecs at the gym it would fill up the area so I'm quite looking forward to getting back to the gym and pumping as much iron as possible.

I'm still in a fair bit of pain and can't move without looking like a robot but I don't regret it. In 6 months time hopefully I'll look at myself and be happy.

Hope you dont need any ski removal.. I am sure it is worth it.. I should have also gone under the knife before but the fear of anesthesia had put me off.. now I have decided to go ahead.

How was your anesthesia experience?

Do you need to visit Dr LEvick for any surtures removal ?

Also if skin was to be removed what did Dr Levick say it is a free procedure ?

To be honest I didn't ask if the procedure would be free or if it would be discounted. I really hope it would be discounted. He said that it would take around a year for the chest to look like how it will look forever so six months in I'm going to hit the weights hard and hope that my chest fills out.

About the anaesthesia, I'm not going to lie to you, I had an absolutely horrible experience. I was told it would just be like falling asleep and waking up but it really wasn't for me. To be honest I won't go into detail here unless you really want me to because I don't want to put you off having the operation. As you can tell by my username I've been putting it off for years because I was too scared. If you've got boobs the same size that I had then I can't imagine how badly it's affecting you, so if you have the money please do it. When I looked at myself in my operating gown from the side I just looked like a completely different person it felt unreal and I cried a little bit.  Hope you've got your consultation booked and let me know if you do want me to tell you what my anaesthesia experience was like and I will gladly share.

Hi Scaredguy.... I've been following your progress since your surgery and was wondering how you are feeling now.... Almost a week after the surgery? I have booked my surgery with doctor Levick but due to work commitments I have to wait until the 11th December!

Hope all is going well for you! Is tomorrow the big day when you get to see your chest
for the first time?

Sorry to know your anesthesia experience was bad. I would have thought with qualified doctors and equipment around it should have been better. But anyway it happends sometimes and you were unlucky.. but at the end good that you got a result . Waiting to see the pics tomorrow

Hi guys.

Firstly I want to apologise, I haven't taken any pics yet. I just want to explain.

Today was the day that the bandages came off, and today was the freakiest day of my life. Firstly, removing the bandages was probably the most painful part of the entire thing, the things are glued on so tightly that I bled while removing them as it removes some skin. After a while what I did was just stood under a hot shower to try and make it easier but it didn't make that much of a difference.

Also, when I finally saw my chest, it was SO weird seeing myself NOT having breasts that I nearly fainted in the shower, I kid you not. Please go back in the thread to take a reminder of how big my boobs were. I could literally fill up my entire hand when I cupped one of them. Not they are completely gone it's weird, it feels like part of my body is gone. I gently touched my right pec and there is NO feeling in there whatsoever, that is the freakiest thing which is scaring the crap out of me I can't stop thinking about it. I got out of the shower as soon as possible without looking at myself in the mirror, and I dried myself but I've left my chest area naturally dry. I was too afraid to touch.

I can't fully explain the sensation but it feels like I'm in someone else's body. From what I can tell I think I had one of the largest gyne on the UK forum, or at least out of people who've posted pictures anyway. From the other guys pics, it seems like they've had a slight reduction in the chest area but for me this is like 4-5 inches protruding from my body that is just no longer there. I'm trying to occupy myself best I can to not think about it, but I'm really happy with trying on some of my clothes, especially the plain white stuff I've wanted to wear for years.

The actual chest area itself looks good. Both nipples seem slightly "indented" in that it looks like so much has been sucked out of me that they're now facing inwards,that's freaky for me to handle. Also my right pec has a sort of "dent" somewhere nothing too severe which I hope is something that'll slot itself back into place once the recovery happens.

Hi beast5729, recovery seems to be going as standard from what I've read of other guys blogs. Today since taking the bandages off I feel a lot more mobile but I'm still being VERY careful with any fast movements as if I walk fast down the stairs for example I feel slight pain in my chest. I could definitely gone back to work say a couple of days ago when I was able to drive (slowly and carefully) as I just have a desk job.

Thanks guys for being here, having someone to talk to about it makes it better for me!

Good to hear things are slowly going in the right direction!
I think from what I have read it is pretty standard to feel numb... So I wouldn't worry about that too much!
How was the bruising??

I think you are right.... It's nice to have a place like this to come to and talk! I guess it makes you realise you are not alone! Keep us up to date with how things are going.... Will have my fingers crossed for you that things work out nicely for you! :)

Congrats mate and will be waiting to see the pictures... you are a great example for others to go for surgery

If you skin has retracted then you are a star the best possible result

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