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Surgery with Levick 3/10/2013 - pre-op vs post-op pic now up

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Surgery with Levick 3/10/2013 - pre-op vs post-op pic now up
« on: October 01, 2013, 05:26:54 PM »
Hi all, I haven't been online in a while, I first posted a thread here with pictures of my enormous breasts included if you fancy a look:

https : //www. gynecomastia .org/smf/20/finally-accepted-i-need-surgery-cost-is-not-an-issue-but-i%27m-terrified/msg182606/#msg182606      (you'll need to remove the spaces in the URL)

I went to see Dr Levick, he was a friendly as everyone mentioned and I felt comfortable with him. Anyway, I should have posted this earlier, but I have my surgery booked for the morning slot on 3/10/2013, i.e. this Thursday, I'm absolutely cacking myself.

For those of you who've already been, what sort of attire did you take with you to sleep in and walk around to the toilet etc? Did you have gowns? My PJ's are normally just loose jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt, is that going to be difficult for me to get on and off after the surgery?

Also, is there anyone here who has had gyno as bad as mine and had surgery? I can't find any threads with cases are severe as mine. Levick said there is a 50% chance that I may have excess skin left around the area after the removal of the gyno, which I completely understand is not a fault of the surgeon, it's just because my gyno is so large, although I think it does look larger that it actually is because I have fairly large pectorals (or at least I think I do) which push the gyno out further.

I'm staying in a hotel after the op for a night, not sure if I am taking my laptop in with me but will definitely have my phone so I might be able to log in and let you guys know what it was like on the day. SO nervous but so looking forward to getting the body I deserve.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=28415.0


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Can't really answer your questions, as not got that far myself yet! - but by all accounts you're in very good hands, one of the top few surgeons in the world for this op, with so many photos of so many people to prove it... I'm sure you'll get the best possible result.

You're in good hands so just try your best to relax. I didn't bring anything with me though they asked me if I had a gown and slippers so I really should have brought those along! Anyway it wasn't a big deal if I didn't. Just pack light cos you don't want to carry much away after surgery. As for your case of gynecomastia who knows if u will need a touch up, time will tell. Rest assured worse cases have been treated I am sure, there are cases where he would say you definitely need touch up work on loose skin and yours is only fifty percent chance. Best of luck tomorrow! Keep is posted


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I've seen your pictures and I remember your earlier posts. I am far away in California on the west coast of the US.

Breathe easy, It will not take long and your discomfor will not be major. Give it time to heal, It could actually be several months before you see the final result.

We expect to hear good news from you.
Grandpa Dan

When you say several months, how long before you think I can resume physical activity?

I have a snowboarding trip booked for the end of February, do you think I am going to be ready by then?

Any guys who are gym regulars, how long was it before you could start doing cardio like jogging again, and then how long after until you started gently getting back into weight lifting?

I'm so nervous now you wouldn't believe. I do have time today to go and get a gown, should I get that?


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Hey mate, I'm 5 weeks post op and I've been doing leg weights for a few weeks now and I bench pressed for the first time since my op yesterday. I went pretty light and focused on more volume than weight but there was no negative feeling and it all felt good. You'll be all sorted long before your trip so i wouldn't worry too much about that. I reckon i'll have full mobility back by about 10 weeks, hopefully that isn't too optimistic.

I didn't have a gown though I think I should have! They also asked me if I had slippers but I didn't - I packed really light! All this meant was borrowing another gown from them and wearing my shoes in the operating theatre.

You are in very good hands and remember this surgery is surprisingly mild. People talk about exercising shortly after. Me, myself, I am back at work in the office less than a week after. Granted I still have discomfort and pain but it is quite incredible how fast we can recover. Be sure to take arnica, which is supposed to help, and avoid all the blood thinning stuff like alcohol and aspirin etc...

Best of luck, keep us posted! The food was good, so you have one thing to look forward to! lol

Thank you guys. I bought some new slippers but I will pop to an Asda or something now to see if I can get a gown. I appreciate your advice. I've just finished work and am driving to Birmingham this evening (should take about 2 hours). I am absolutely bricking it, seriously. Will be in touch as soon as I can. Thank you everyone again..........

Just a quick update to let you guys know I'm in my room waiting for Dr. Levick to see me before I get changed into the gown etc. I'm nervous but all staff is friendly so far.....

Good Luck!! Im sure everything will go well for you and you will be happy with your results! I had my consultation with Dr Levick on tuesday.... My turn for surgery in November! Let us know how it all goes... and good luck!!

Go guys had my surgery at around midday its 21.20 now. I had a bad response to the anaesthetic in that I kept nodding off and waking feeling really groggy etc and also boiling hot and sweaty etc, I'm OK now though just a little drowsy. No pain yet just very slight stinging sensation where the incisions were made but nothing bad. Will update when I can

Sucks about the anaesthetic, glad to hear you're OK now though! Looking forward to more updates - with Levick, there's no doubt that everything will turn out as you'd hoped, he seems to be a miracle worker from all the pictures on here!

This has also reminded me to get slippers & a gown, so cheers for that ;D

2a.m. now I haven't fallen asleep yet because of the sleep I had earlier. I've been in the bed the entire time watching TV and browsing the net on my phone etc. Got out of bed at one point and took a few steps and definitely felt sore not sure if it was the actual chest or the drains. Levick did say that I have "whoppers" so I'm guessing I'll be more sore because more of my body has been removed. Not looking forward to having the drains pulled out and dressing tomorrow but hopefully I'll heal a little tonight .............

Hey mate - hope you managed to rest up. I had surgery yesterday with Karidis, at home today and it's pretty uncomfortable, but not more than it would be with my shirt off in public! I also had problems with the GA, woke up in recovery room and found it difficult to breathe properly. Ended up on oxygen during the whole day which was annoying, but I think it was more the vest wasn't quite on properly for me. So a bit of readjusting and some codeine later I felt much better.

I haven't looked yet nor do I really want to to be honest, not until it is all recovered! Still, I have a shower to look forward to today, taking a few bandages etc off. Waiting for a call to check up on me before I do anything.

Hope your recovery goes well. I'll prob post a few things up on the wall, and fingers crossed this episode in our lives is over quickly, much more important things to look forward to.

All the best.

Thank you for the kind words my friend I hope you're doing okay.

*** Update * **

This morning was my first walk around my room and I felt okay took some side view pictures of myself in the gown and the difference is unbelievable, I look............. slim.

Just now had my drains pulled out and need to lie in bed for twenty minutes and I will admit it did hurt, the left side is still hurting as if some blood is leaking inside or something I hope it'll wear off.

Also Dr. Levick came to see me this morning and he gave me the pics. Guys I think you're going to amazed, he said I am one of the biggest breast size patient he's ever done and you'll see that even I upload the pics later on if I get time. It looks like he's resting two massive beef burger patties on my chest, I was big but I didn't realise there was that much in me, can't wait to upload the pics.

*** Question***

Guys I apologise for asking this but please can someone who's had the op let me know, did you manage OK going for a number 2 on the day after? Luckily I don't need to yet but I'm not looking forward to it, since my drains have been pulled out I feel extremely sore and I can't imagine reaching around behind me to clean. Did you guys cope okay with that?  It won't tear my wounds or anything if I try will it? Thanks for your help in answering this strange question.......

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