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Surgery with Karidis: Completed (Updated 4th August 2019)

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Re: Surgery with Karidis: Completed (Updated 26th May 2019)
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One month on, no improvement aside from regaining more or less full sensitivity.

Re: Surgery with Karidis: Completed (Updated 4th August 2019)
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Update 13 - 5 Months Post-Op 4th August 2019
Hey guys, it's been a while since my last proper update so thought I'd share how things are going so far. My 5 month checkup with Karidis is coming up on the 12th so I'll post another short update after that and some progress pictures.

My last couple of updates have been quite negative about the results, however - this is going to be a positive one! There have been a few developments since my last update. 

So, the good points first: The puffiness that developed bilaterally has now decreased on both sides and the areolae are now almost perfectly flat. The scars have continued to improve and are turning pale, they're very hard to notice unless closely scrutinising my chest. The wrinkling on the right areola hasn't really improved, however it's not the worst thing in the world and certainly many, many times better than how it looked pre-op. I'll ask Karidis what causes this in my checkup, I'm guessing it's excess skin that hasn't contracted. Another post had a similar issue and it resolved about 12 months post-op so I'm hoping I'll have a similar improvement.

My biggest issue throughout has been the contour on the left side of the chest. This has improved over the last couple of months and the areola flattening has made a huge difference. I'm also dropping body fat at the moment from 16% to hopefully around 10%. My theory is that by losing body fat it will help even out the contours due to the fat cells getting smaller and blending in better with the areas where fat cells have been removed. 

So the results are by no means perfect, but given the improvements over the last few months I'm satisfied with the results and I won't be pursuing revision surgery.

I also noticed something purely by chance which I think can explain the psychological rollercoaster guys go through when recovering from this surgery and a few of the common physical recovery symptoms. I had a full panel blood test done 1 month after surgery for something unrelated and it involved a full hormone profile. My prolactin levels were twice the upper male limit and estradiol 32% above the male upper limit. Prolactin is released when the nipple-areola complex is stimulated. My theory is that a combination of the surgical trauma, compression vest and massage causes a huge burst of prolactin to be released which causes the mood disturbances. This would also explain the common symptom that occurs a few weeks after surgery where pea-sized hard lumps develop under the areolas. Surgeons and posters say this is scar tissue forming or post surgical tissue swelling, but I think it's actually the remaining gland left over responding to the massive hormone surge. I had another blood test done 3.5 months after surgery and the prolactin levels had dropped 30% to the upper end of the normal range with estradiol decreasing by 26%. This is just a theory, and I have no idea if there are any studies backing this but this might indicate an anti-prolactin drug should be considered for prescription post-op. I'm having another test in 2 weeks so I can post the results here if anyone is interested. Unfortunately I didn't get my hormones checked pre-op which is something I'd highly recommend anyone considering this surgery should do.

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