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Surgery Done! Alex Karidis 31/1/13 Pre&Post Pic - 10 month Update!

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Male Chest Reduction Plus Liposuction -
Total amount of fat aspirated = 300mls (150mls from each side)
Breast gland resection : left = 9 grams, right = 7 grams, Total = 16 grams
No sutures used

well done mate.

glad its going all okay.. i hate to say it...BUT i told you so :)

Great results, well done to you and Karadis, he's making quite a name for himself as a specialist in this area.

looks very good mate, nipple creasing does take a few weeks to even out but it will do eventually!
Surgery With Alex Karidis - 16/05/09 - Completed!

thanks guys =D

thetodd how many weeks did it take for your nipples to uncrease?

Cant really remember to be honest, its coming up for 4 years ago now feels like yesterday. Takes a while takes longer for the sensation to come fully back i remember that taking absolutely ages just wait and see it does all even out though ;)

thetodd- I really do appreciate people like you on this forum. 4 years and you still come back on this forum to help people out! a true gent

Hello Guys!

Haven't been on in a while, will be uploading more pictures soon!

I have to say its the best thing i have ever done..i am so pleased with my results, im coming 11 weeks post opp.

If anyone is thinking about having surgery DO IT!I cant explain how happy i am,its changed my life in so many ways! i finally have confidence about my body! i have also went swimming for the first time in 8 years! felt so amazing

about 6 weeks post opp

about 8 weeks post opp

10 weeks post opp!

also you cant really see the scars.. it doesn't even look like ive had anything done!

if anyone wants to ask me any questions please message me, ill be happy to help


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A surgeons best advert is certainly his patients!!

I've not been swimming for 25 years!

Thanks Dount =D

ive saw you are saving up for the surgery? when do you recon you will have it? and who are you going to have the surgery with? as ive said its the best thing ive ever done, there's nothing to worry about =D

ouch! 25 years! i thought 8 years was bad enough! it was an amazing feeling to go swimming, i actually had white shorts on.. and you can guess what happened =[=[  i didn't think....

goodluck with everything! there's nothing to worry about!keep me updated on how you get on!


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Well was hoping before this summer, but taking longer to save than anticipated!

Will go with either Karidis or Levick, they have the most consistent and verifiable results - not risking it with someone with little feedback to check for the sake of saving a few quid (that's not to say there aren't other good surgeons out there of course)

Lol! - the lack if swimming practice meant you didn't think!!

** Surgery completed with Dr. Karidis on 23rd June!(Will update regularly)**

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