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« on: March 20, 2006, 06:47:46 AM »
when did people start,i have a hard lump under each nipple and where the inssions were made,are these the places i need to massage

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Start massaging as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.  Don't massage to the point where it is painful.

The tissues under the skin have been altered and traumatised and need time to settle down and soften.  The hard lumps and bumps and 'random' indentations will settle and the lumps you mention will settle over the coming weeks.  Just be patient and persistent marcus!

Oh and how do you feel about the result so far?

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realy chuffed finaly got the flat chest ive dreamed about ,whole chest is a bit sore ,sort of burning sensation,cant wait till summer ,how are you ,have you experienced any of the things ive said

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realy chuffed finaly got the flat chest ive dreamed about ,whole chest is a bit sore ,sort of burning sensation,cant wait till summer ,how are you ,have you experienced any of the things ive said

Im massively jealous!

I hope i get the same results. 2 weeks on thursday  :-/

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Everything you describe is very, very similar to most of the guys on here Marcus.

As long as there is no new swelling or unbearable pain, you're just going to have to sit this one out.

The only remaining discomfort I have is when I go running.  Each 'thud' every time I put a foot down creates a small pull on the chest area which causes slight discomfort.  But I am not at all worried.  I'm now almost two months post-op.  I will be going back to Mr Levick the back end of April for a post-op consultation to discuss the outcome.

radio-boy, you must be getting kind of excited now.  There is little anyone can say or do if you feel at all anxious only that from the moment you are woken up post-op, you kind of wonder what all the fuss was all about ;)  How are you feeling?

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« Reply #5 on: March 21, 2006, 01:30:50 AM »
Im ok i guess. Still yet to tell my parents, which is what im mostly worried about. I want no fuss, and to just get it done. also my surgeon said that a vest probably wont be necessary. Should i be worried?

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It's only your surgeon and GP (if he or she is aware of the surgery) that have a duty of care for you.  No matter what any of the rest of us have been told by our medical carers or what our opinions are account for nothing.  It's one thing to get a bit of support, opinion or advice on here, but nothing can replace the word or your surgeon and/or GP - they come first, every time.  If you disagree with anything these people tell you, you are entitled to get an alternative opinion.

I sometimes here that milder cases of chest reduction don't always need compression post-surgery.  But again, whatever your surgeon advises, that's the way to go.  The best thing you can do is ask about it the next time you see him or her - which might be just before your surgery.

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i did ask about it when he said that he would do the surgery. He just said it wasnt really necessary. I think that my gyne is reasonably minor, the effect on my life however, is far from minor.

Some pics, pre surgery. Will post some after. Do you think it is minor?

I must admit, the pictures dont look as bad as the way i see it with my own eyes.

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I'm no expert radio-boy, but I'd say it was mild to mild/moderate.

Given that My surgeon seems to tell all his patients to get a vest, it's part of his standard routine.  But I know other surgeons don't.  I'm not so sure the compression garment offers much in the way of healing as it does keep things in place and made me feel more comfortable as any small movements can be quite sore.  But your surgeon knows best!

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