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any martial artist?

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any martial artist?
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:10:53 PM »
i’m a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo. i also study isshinryu karate- yellow belt. i‘ve been at karate for awhile just haven’t had an opportunity to test for green, or higher.  i also do some jujitsu. and weapons which may be my favorite area of study.

i am wondering if any else in the crowd studies martial arts?  🥋 

if you do, is gynecomastia an issue? my girls are somewhere in the 38a - 38b range. some slow growth but getting more feminine. i can really feel the jiggle/bouncing during high impact activities. but so far not a lot of pain or chafing. i wear a gi, which easily hides a bra. i’ve worn a maidenform sports bra which really helped. but just haven’t had the need to wear a bra more frequently.

if you do martial arts, what style and belt? is gyne an issue and how do you manage it? have you been kicked in the chest? i am thinking a kick to the breast could really hurt. i’ve unintentionally kicked some women in the chest and hurt them. they were high ranked like me so i feel bad. but not that bad. 😃

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=35305.0

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