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My Eight Years Gynecomastia Story

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My Eight Years Gynecomastia Story
« on: February 20, 2009, 11:48:44 AM »
I was Nine or Ten years old boy, with flat chest.. Suddenly my nipples started to puff and get bigger, boys in my school squeeze my chest so hard, and it got bigger..
2 years later .. i got to a severe level of gynecomastia, i had no idea about the issue.. people tell me you just have boobs because you're fat!..
5 years later.. i started to workout really hard~ i lost alot of weight and i transformed to a skinny person even my man boobs size has decreased.. but still severe..
1 Year Later I started investigating my issue.. Why do i have man boobs? why my chest isn't flat like all guys? why me? i started reading till i got the whole thing about gynecomastia and the solutions for it.. ~ i went to gym to do some weight training.. i did everything~ simply ( NOTHING WORKED )..

After that i planned to go to the United States to get my surgery done but i couldn't! because i live in kuwait and going to the US is really hard for me and will cost alot of money including the surgery, at the end my sister told me about a hospital which is near to my area, they're experienced and they do plastic surgery for men and women, with extremely garaunted results and safe proccess, after that i decided to get my surgery done by Dr Ismail Mokhtar Nada ;( An egyptian doctor who is very experienced ) another doctors who worked on me Dr Khaled Joma'a Zada & Dr Zaki, That means 3 doctors working on me and including nurses and the Anstashologist.. and the nurse told me not to eat from 12 to the time of the surgery plus i got blood tests done..

after that i posted this in gynecomastia.org before my surgery in few days

The Day of my surgery ( I call it :: My Rebirth )
14 Feb at 6 am, at 7 am i went to the room i reserved in the New Dar Alshifa hospital

I wared my surgery clothes ( the green clothes ) i was naked and embarrassed lol :P
they gave me alot of injections before the surgery..

at 8:30 am i entered the surgery room
the doctor marked my chest and i asked the doctors few questions about the surgery time.. he said its about 1 hour and half or 2 hours maximum
they injected me with an injection there is white thing inside it.. and i fell asleep instantly..
i woke up in like a blink?! 1 second... and i found my self in the recovery room with crazy pain and i started vommitting..


here is a detailed process of my recovery:


24 Hours Post-op: discomfort - pain - swelling ~ minimizing the pain with painkillers - eating very well..

annoying bandage + garment vest ~ discomfort with sleeping



2 Days post-op ~ the pain is ok now,  and its better than yesterday cuz it used to hurt me so bad yesterday.. i dont know if i have swelling becuz they put a hard bandage, and they will take it off tomorrow~

2 Drainage's linked to my chest, and i bleeded about 95ML- which is good.. the bleeding now stopped.. my chest looks flat but i didnt see it though..
might add the picture tomorrow!

 i am so happy!


3 Days Post-op

the pain is getting better, i feel sick sometimes.. but the treatment process is working.. i eat alot of good food and vitamins and i take medications to reduce swelling..

so far i am happy with the surgery but i didnt see my chest still.. they put a hard bandage and i have garment vest on.. i have a checkup today at the hospital~ so i might be able to see my chest or take picture of it

will keep you guys updated



4 days post-op the pain is gone~ i only feel pain when i touch my chest~ still taking medications, might stop the painkillers soon~ and will only take anti-swelling
the doctor removed the drains - i feel much better now



5 Days post-op! The Swelling is gone now! and the pain i think its gone, i feel pain sometimes but it dosent bother me anymore~ will visit the doctor next sunday for a checkup
so far i thought the recovery from the surgery is tough! but the good news is no!  the only bad thing about the surgery is the first 2 days-post-op because you will feel alot of pain and need to take alot of medications..

After 8 Years of Struggling.. now i feel like i am a new person... 14 Feb / 2009 ( Valentines day ) was my rebirth 



7 Days Post-op: The pain has totally gone! i stopped taking medications but still taking anti-swelling because the doctor said complete the 40 comprimes to matter how you feel..

There won't be more updates anymore...

the pictures will be here next sunday because i still have bandage on my chest!

Quite Happy~ Very happy.. I feel very confident and girls started staring at me  before they used to stare on my boobies.. but now.. they just stare at me!

:D Surgery is the only answer to the gynecomastia!


Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=16925.0


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Re: My Eight Years Gynecomastia Story
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2009, 03:12:39 PM »
Good for you Throy!  I am glad you have finally made it past that stage of your life and you're moving on.  It's always a great thing to hear.
Age: 19
Had gynecomastia since age 12.
Surgery performed on July 18, 2008 by
Dr. Jeffrey Wagner in Indianapolis, IN.
(Excision and Liposuction)

"The heart moves on while the mind remembers."

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