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I wore a thin shirt, one size down from my regular size... on a windy day!!!!!

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While this may sound silly, people here know exactly what I'm talking about.  It felt so great to not only go to the store and buy the size that actually fits me because previously I had to buy a size bigger to hide my gyne and also had to buy very thick material shirts for the same reason.

Well, I'm almost two months post op with Dr. Delgado and went shopping randomly cause I needed something and went into the dressing room with a size smaller and tried it on and it fit great!  Very thin material and I turned to the side and pulled the shirt down at the bottom and it looked totally fine.  I'm smiling right now just thinking about how great that moment felt in front of that mirror.

Later that day, I was wearing the shirt and walking into the hard wind and instinctively got paranoid and looked down but everything was totally fine and I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.  While I still have scar tissue built up I know it will go away in time and I'll get what I wanted from my surgery.

Just wearing these new clothes has been amazing to me.  I'm in my mid 30's and have had gyne since I was about 15/16.  Every passing day I feel better and better about my decision to have surgery.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=20428.0

thats awesome. im two weeks out of my surgery and i cant wait until the final result is seen. im still wearing my compression garment but i am still able to wear fitted shirts out of thin material and it is awesome!!! there is honestly no greater feeling in the world

how long did take you to get back into your usual routine? im 4 day post op and i can wait till i can get back to my natural swing of things. congrats on you surgery success.

Thankfully ,I know the feeling my friend as I too am in my mid-30's and am amazed I'm am able to wear all the tight shirts I avoided since the 7th grade! I had my surgery(rebirth) last December and if I had to do it again, I would have been happy to pay double what I paid to rid myself of gynecomastia.

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