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Wish me luck!!

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Re: Wish me luck!!
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2008, 01:30:52 AM »
Guys!! the surgery went good. Only Lipo was done. Dr. said i have a flat chest now. I have the drains which will be removed on monday. I have seen my chest in mirror with the jacket on, it's little transperent i can clearly notice that my chest is flat. I can't wait to see it without jacket.

The surgery took around 2 hours. Earlier to surgery, i told my Dr that  i have read so many articles and most of the articles say that with out excision of gland, one can't get a flat chest. Dr said with his hand on my head "TRUST ME". He said he would perform Lipo first and if he feels that the fiberous tissue is still there, he would do excision.

I was in a great pain yesterday for about 5 hours. The pain killers alliviated pain a little. I am still on the pain killers. This compression jacket is little uncomfortable. But the joy of imagining myself with a flat chest is dominating my pain. ;D.
Whenever i am in pain i am thinking of myself without a shirt on in a beach. Trust me this helps!!

I will post my pics on monday, once these drains are removed....thanks everyone..

Congratulations dude..

Its exciting, can't wait to see your pre and post op pics

Please post them asap

Re: Wish me luck!!
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Welcome to the other side!!! Gratsssssss  :D

Wish Me luck!

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