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SUrgeon in New Delhi, India?

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SUrgeon in New Delhi, India?
« on: November 19, 2018, 01:19:32 AM »
can anyone please suggest a good surgeon for gynecomastia in New Delhi, India? Anybody with an experience will be great.

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Re: SUrgeon in New Delhi, India?
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2019, 02:47:03 PM »
can anyone please suggest a good surgeon for gynecomastia in New Delhi, India? Anybody with an experience will be great.

Still looking for an answer? Here's a short one

I had it done from Dezire clinic - Dr Prashant
Results are ok with little scar tissue. I will try to get some kenalog injection for the same in future.
Minimal visible scar, a single incision is made at areola for both liposuction and gland removal.
They do the process under local anesthesia. They say that you wont feel anything but from personal experience I can tell, you'll feel pain while liposuction but its bearable. You can go along with your family member, friend or even alone but taking someone with you is always recommended.

Its a 1 day procedure, you go empty stomach in the morning and by 2 or 3 PM you can go home. Stitches are removed after 7-14 days. They charged me around 55k and it included surgery, medicines and everything else.
They don't give compression vests, but bind you in a black tshirt like thing with crepe bandages. If you want you can buy compression vest from them, it would cost 2-3k. If you are buying make sure its the tightest one as it will loosen on wearing and will be a waste if its loose. Prices for both surgery and vest might have changed now.
Before the surgery, you need to get some blood tests as well which cost approx 1.5-2.5k depending upon lab and your location.

After surgery, your chest would look completely flat for first few days but natural chest isn't flat. So with time, swelling decreases and in few months, you'll see how your chest would look. I chose that place as it looked professional, hygienic and had an affordable price compared to hospitals that cost around 100k or more. You choose what suits you best but also make sure that both the people and the place look professional.

I went through what you are going through and I know how it feels therefore, writing this post for you or anyone who needs some info. I might not be able to reply to this post again as once you get rid of gynecomastia, anyone hardly visits the forum. I logged in after months today and might login again after months so don't wait for a reply. If you have any doubts, consult more than one clinic and get answers for your doubts. 

Good luck mate. 

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