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A little background. I been following this site for ten years now. I had an extreme case of gyno. They removed over 3lbs of tissue and skin. I am 35 years old, 285lbs. Leading up to my surgery I stoped eating dairy products and actually lost an extra 10lbs. I saw Dr.Basner in Timonium Maryland. A total cost of $6,900. It included a free nipple graft. I've been home for 3 days now. My girlfriend is handling everything like a boss. We have a 15 month old as well. If it wasn't for this big recliner chair my life would be a lot more miserable Post surgery. Our sleep schedule is nuts. I was instructed to keep the compression vest on for one week up to the point that I visit Basner again. It's a little to early to talk about the positive phycological effects of the surgery. But let's just say that I feel like taking over the world. Being in the music industry And being a public figure I had many social pressures that would continue to stunt my growth as an man and an artist/business man etc. I will upload my pics after I get my post pics taken. It took me two years to pay this surgery off. This is the best decision I ever made. I can already tell my life will dramatically change forever.

The most exciting part is that I will be able to workout and finally get the results I desire. It was depressing knowing that I busy my ass in the gym 3/4 times in that last 10 years, only to come to the conclusion that my chest fat stayed present. So I would just say darn it and end up gaining the weight back, again and again. The smaller my stomach got (usually 3/4 months of working out) the more my chest would poke out. darn that. I'm free now.

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Got any before and after pics bro?

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