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Bodyfat percentage and Muscle building after surgery?? Realistic expectations?

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I am in the Seattle / Tacoma area and I am close to confirming a surgery for pseudo-gynecomastia and a lower circumferential body lift after losing 150lbs. Most surgeons suggest being within 20lbs of your goal weight. I was down to 175lbs and 14% bodyfat, now I am at 210lbs with 25% body fat. This happened because I temporarliy gave up due to cost and income 5 years ago. I have the money now. I know it will take years to build the muscle I want but who has had a similar question in terms of when to get the surgery for the best results? I would dislike to have the surgery only to lose more weight and have loose skin again, but I do intend to bulk up long term, but I do not want to wait until I am 30 years old to have the "best" outcome. Other than that, what are my options for pectoral area scars? It seems as though every surgeon has their own idea whether in the inframamory fold or laterally left and right of the nipple, some suggesting skin grafts while others using alternative methods. I am sure that if my bodyfat goes down and muscle goes up then I will fill out the skin more tightly. Thoughts?

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Congratulations on your weight loss!  You are now much healthier!

Having lost over 150 lbs, it is predictable that your chest area would be lax and droopy.  You may even have lax, redundant skin extending around the side of your chest towards the back.  And, the laxity may extend up to the armpit and down the upper arms.  And or all of these things can be incorporated into reconstructive surgery -- it is all part of an "upper body lift."

Whether to do the surgery at your present weight or to do it at a lower weight is your decision -- but it may be tempered if you were to consult with an expert gyne specialist.  Sometimes patients create unobtainable goals for weight loss and then become depressed, despaired and disappointed when they cannot get to that weight goal -- and they re-gain the weight. Therefore, sometimes surgery can serve as an affirmation that having lost 150 lbs is a terrific accomplishment and the surgery itself can be your own rewards for having lost the weight.  

Surgery after weight loss serves two purposes:  it certainly tightens and shapes the body.  But it also serves to help your self image and self esteem.

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A few months have passed, I am down to 185lbs from a steady meal plan. The first surgery is on May 1st for a circumferential body lift. 3 months later will be for my chest with a free nipple graft. I know the scars will be extreme but I know I will have a significantly better contour after the surgery and that's a trade-off I am willing to make. Hopefully I can help show others what is possible with determination. I first got a consultation 5 years ago for the same procedure and having saved the money I look forward to the results 1 year from now. To those looking to get this procedure I would say don't give up, keep working out that when when you do get the surgery you will be better off from a physique standpoint. 

Good luck on your surgery.  If possible, please share your before and after photos with us.

Dr Jacobs

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