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4 weeks post revision and still gyno???

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4 weeks post revision and still gyno???
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:51:27 PM »
I am very frustrated and confused as to why my nipples still haven't really changed much after my first surgery and even after my revision. My surgeon told me that he took out a good amount of fat via lipo & incision in the first surgery but didn't want to take out too much in fear of a concave in the nipple. 5 months go by and the surgery resulted in me still having what I think is some leftover gland (he claims scar tissue) behind my nipples Making them puffy, so we agreed to do a revision. During the revision he did lipo only because he claimed that was all i needed.

Now I'm 4 weeks post revision and my nipples seem a little more flush against my chest but It also seems to feel like my nipples have a lot of fluid collected in them and I still feel a little hard tissue behind my nipples(Seroma maybe?).

I have been to 2 post op appointments and they have all resulted in my surgeon saying that my chest is looking/healing great and I just need to compress it and give it time. He also said that after the first surgery but that didn't work out. I am seriously contemplating on going over to Walgreens and buying some syringes to take this liquid out myself

I should also add that a drain was used after the first surgery and not after the second. I am naturally a lean guy so losing chest fat isn't really possible

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Re: 4 weeks post revision and still gyno???
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After an operation and a revision operation with questionable results, it may be time to seek the opinion of a gyne expert in your area or consider traveling for such expertise.

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