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Surgery experience with vik vijh 17.05.18

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Surgery experience with vik vijh 17.05.18
« on: May 20, 2018, 01:16:59 PM »
a few days post opp now so I thaught I’d do a write up of my experience. My English is shocking so It’s proberbly going to be back and forth nonsensical rambling but still, I think the more posts on this site the better. And I think a lot of people go through with surgery and then just disappear into the post surgery happiness and don’t look back haha.

Where to start, I’m 27 and had gyno from being a teenager, it’s always really bothered me, my girlfriend rarely sees me with my top off, never go swimming or anything topless, I wear tank tops under t shirts and only wear certain t shirts all the usual shit really.
I have always been in reasonable shape and have always done some form of training, weights/cardio/martial arts and been in quite good shape over some years.
I had been concidering surgery for years but never made the leap. I finally started looking into it seriously a couple of years ago looking into going to -- in Poland for money reasons, I may have been paranoid but after reading through posts of people talking about -- experiences I started getting sceptical that they were actualy legit, to me it seemed that they all were written in a very simelar itinerary-ish sort of style which just didn’t seem genuine to me, also my gf didn’t think it was the best idea me going abroad aswell so ended up sacking the Poland plan off, At this time the cost of getting it done in the U.K. wasn’t really an option to me either.
About a year ago I was in a bit better financial state and proberbly at my worst appearance wise since doing less weight training so it was starting to really bother me again so I began seriously looking into it again. dr.levvick sounded like the obvious choice but I came to find out he had not long retired from it 😔 naturally this lead me to dr.vijh. there didn’t seem to be as much posts from peoples experiences with him but from a quick google it sounded like the guy was clearly pretty legit.

So I finally contacted the beauty gurus, booked a consultation in Birmingham (£150).
At the consoltation I remember being Sat in the waiting room for the consolation with a random girl who’s proberbly there for a boob job or something I remember feeling embarrassed thinking I bet she’s wondering what this lads getting done, was also a bizare feeling sat on a stool being soo exposed while he examined me pretty much my worst nightmare haha, but anyway he discussed the surgery etc and said that I was type 1 (I think that’s the mildest form iirc) which I was happy with because I assume the chances of everything being successful a bit better .overall Little bit embarrassing but most importantly I had made the first step towards getting it done.

I got my first date for surgery but ended up having to cancel due to an issue with me getting BMICard (used to pay for surgery on finance). I re-arranged another date this one being a few weeks before my gf’s due date. It was quite risky but I felt It was the right move so that I could close the book on my dwelling self confidence issues and move forward in a fresh positive new chapter of life being a dad.

Surgery time, I wasn’t too nervous leading up to the date other than the possibility of my girlfriend going into labour while I was away overnight With a 3 hour car journey in between.
I was having it done at the priory hospital in Birmingham,
Arriving Outside the building I was a little nervous but it kinda never felt that real. in the reception area it just felt like the reception of any sort of posh business, it wasn’t until I went through to my room it became more ”hospitaly” and makes the situation feel more real. In my room I felt strange and reluctant to sort of settle in. It was like I felt I didn’t need to be in there. 
not long after a nurse came in and gave me a gown some special socks and some horrendous underwear which was basically a hairnet lol. putting these on again kicked up the realism of the situation. I hated putting them on, i felt stupid, I generally hate the thaught of being a patient anyway. I hate the thaught of being vulnerable and helpless.
A bit later the anethetist came round and told me all the things I would have rather just not known haha. followed by mr vijh who done his prep drew on my chest and took some pictures of me rocking the hair net underwear and pointy nips out 😅🙈...pretty embarrassing haha.
After this there was nothing but to wait for my time. I was told there was another guy before me and it would be about an hour and a half.
The whole time spent in the room before the operation I had a strange feeling and anxiety thinking wtf am i doing, Iv never had an operation or anything before and now I’m volunteering myself for one. 
Anout 20 minutes later Some nurses came in the room asking if I wanted to put anything in the lock box and I asked if I could do it just before I go down and was quickly informed I was going now which was quite a surprise but possibly better that way just getting it over with.
So off I went to the prep area.
I was now pretty nervous for the anaesthetic having never been put to sleep before, i said to the assistants in the room I was nervous and they were good having a laugh and trying to distract me with conversation etc, The needle in my hand was nothing, from people’s stories I had heard they often tell you to count to ten, and another mate said you can feel the fluid going up your veins and it feeling panicky. But they didn’t tell me when they were injecting it, although I could tell they had. It wasn’t overwhelming or panicky. I closed my eyes for it and just took calm breaths, It was more gradual drifting off than I expected. I actualy asked them after what seemed about 10 seconds if I should be out yet worrying incase I was going to be part aware during the surgery but a few seconds later I was out. And didn’t remember a thing. After talking to my Mam since I think closing your eyes is probably the way to go making drifting off more seemless.
I woke up in the recovery room feeling slightly sucky but fine. after about 30 min and coming round a bit more I was taken back to my room. I had a slight headache and a little bit dazed basically like I had a slight hangover. I was sick once so they gave me some anti nausea meds which sorted me.
There was surprisingly little pain just a slight soreness in my arm pits where the incisions were.
I was given some paracetamol but tbh proberbly didn’t even need it.
They told me to keep drinking and I got some food not long after which was decent. I had to spend the night bed bound as your attatched to a drip one side, a cooling pad machine on your chest  and inflatable circulation aids around your calfs. This means you have to rely on the nurses for everything and use the bed pan etc which again I hate having to rely on people and being soo helpless but it’s just one night so had to suck it up.
I managed to have decent sleep considering.
The next morning still no real pain, chest and ribbs all felt bruised to hell and the numbness in the chest feels bizarre but no real pain. I had a peak through the compression wrap and it was strange seeing my chest soo flat, my nipples actualy looked slightly inverted but I wasn’t too worried at this point as it was soo early and it could have just been from the compression etc.
 Dr.vijh popped in briefly to check up, I found he seemed a bit brief and to the point throughout tbh but not really in a bad way.
I was released 11am that day.
The day after I got home I had my first shower I was for some reason scared for this but was perfectly normal. I changed from the hospital compression wrap into my macom one after my shower I’m not sure if this was early but the hospital one was doing my head in pressing into my arm pits and coming loose at the bottom, the macom one was way more comfortable and I feel it actualy gives more even compression and stays in place. Over night The invertedness was no longer an issue and also they both looked more even than the night before.
It’s day 3 post opp now, still no real bruising or swelling, bit of redness is about it.
chest is looking spot on so far! Movement in my shoulders is a bit better again, Recovery seems like it’s gunna be pretty quick judging by progress soo far!.
Il be glad to see the end off the compression tops altogether but it’s not too bad. I would say for anyone going to have the “levick” technique a sleeved compression top might be better. I got a sleeveless one and it ends just before the wound and makes like an armpit vagina with the wound 😅, I think it would be better to compress the wound aswell.
The way it’s going I might not wear the compression top for as long as your supposed to, Iv just ordered a normal under armour compression shirt and might switch to that in a week or 2.
The way it looks I can’t see there being much swelling, I haven’t even really bruised I expected to be black and blue.

Soo far it is looking pretty perfect!
I can’t wait to get back training now and get some muscle back on now that there’s no cap on how good i can feel!. I’m very optimistic and Already soo excited for the future! We are going to butlins in September and can go for the baby’s first swim! And got a holiday early next year and can’t wait to be comfortable around the pool without having to try give myself a nipple on before quickly diving into the cold pool 😅🙈, even down to the day to day stuff of wearing any t shirt I want, swimming, tanning in the sun, sleeping topless. Going in hotubs there are soo many things!
 If all goes aswell as it has soo far it is truly gunna be life changing!
So far I can definitely recommend getting it done ASAP and would recommend dr.vijh.
Will post a couple of pics in next few days. I tried to take a before picture on the day of surgery but it was a cold morning and my nipples were hard so it doesn’t really show it that well but I think I have some old ones somewhere.
I will update a couple more times in next few weeks.
So far so good
The cost of surgery was £4695 I think.

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=33378.0

Re: Surgery experience with vik vijh 17.05.18
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 05:16:57 PM »
Hi. I hope all this going well.
Can you please post some before/after pictures?
I'm planning to have the surgery late this year and narrowed it to Dr. Vijh, Dr. Karidis, and Dr. Nurein.

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