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surgeon didnt remove all the gland, going to have to go for a second op!

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so i went in for a 3 month post-op, and the surgeon was pretty honest and said he didnt get all the gland! so unfortunately im going to have to face another op! after the surgery i was really happy, and so was the surgeon, but since my compression bandage came off ive been dissappointed, so i put this down to scar tissue. but my surgeon said i wouldnt get that much scar tissue build up and am more than likely going to need a revision! :( but he said i have to wait until at least 6 months before he can revise, if i want to get an optimal result from the revision, hopefully second time round it will be done and dusted! as im going travelling for a year 2 months after the revision!! so not much healing time!
to the docs out there, how easy is it to think enough excess has been taken out after surgery?? and am i better getting down to a low level of body fat for my revision?? as it will be easier to see what is excess gland?

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definitely seems like getting to a low BF would be the optimal choice - just makes it better for you (with post-op as well) and easier for the surgeon

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