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medical records

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medical records
« on: March 07, 2009, 03:52:45 PM »
i had surgery last year and it 100% did not work. i've been looking at other doctors for a revision and most suggest having the medical records and copy of how the procedure was done the first time to understand how to correct the issue during the revision. will my previous doctor hand over copies of the documents about my procedure no problem or will he not allow me to access them? i mean it was my surgery i think i should be entitled to any and all information regarding what took place, but i don't know if he will give me the information or not. has anyone else had to obtain medical records about their surgery before? i just have a feeling my surgeon and the office is going to make a big deal when i ask to have the information. but i will be having a revision...most likely not with this surgeon.

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Re: medical records
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They are your records, man.  I've called old doctors for my records and I've gotten them.  Just call him up and give it a shot.

Re: medical records
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As a patient, you ARE entitled to complete copies of all your medical records.  There MAY be a nominal charge for it, like 75c per page. 

Best way to do it is with a written letter signed by you -- not a phone call.  If you get no results or acknowledgment, then you can up the ante by sending a certified letter.  And if that doesn't work, then an attorney's letter would definitely work.

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