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Puffy Nipples + Mild Pectus Excavatum -> Sugery with Dr. Colcleugh [ON]

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Okay, so I've had puffy nipples since about grade six (I would have been 12 at the time). I went to my doctor and she recommended waiting until I was seventeen or eighteen before doing anything since it would probably disappear far before then anyway. Well it didn't, so in early 2007 I met with Dr. Colcleugh, a plastic surgeon located in London, Ontario; very close my home town.

Talking with Dr. Colcleugh he was professional enough, but he does a lot more surgery dealing with breast implants and such. I wasn't too sure about him because it was clear that although he deals with gynecomastia its definitely not his specialty. He also didn't seem to be as interested in listening to what I was saying as I'd have expected from someone who would be making permanent changes to my body. Not that he was bad in any way, I was just hoping for someone who would listen more (I think he was just really confident in his abilities). Anyhow, I had my surgery later that year in September. It was done under a local anesthetic and was done through excision only, as I had no fat to remove at all. The surgery was about $1800-$2000 CAN, but I don't remember the exact total. He told me he had removed a quite a fair bit of breast tissue considering my size. He then sent the tissue sample off to get tested for anything malignant. He followed up a little while later to check on how I was healing/scarring and informed me of the test results of the tissue sample (all good). At this time I was pretty confident I'd want revision, although I had seen a fair bit of improvement.

Anyway, I waited until this year (I'm 19 now) and followed up again. He noticed that I definitely still have raised areolas, and offered to basically use stitches to tether the raised area down to bring it to a normal level. Anyway, I made a surgery date for the end of September. Anyway, I began to wonder a little about it and decided to get a second opinion. I got in contact with Dr. Craig Fielding and arranged a consultation with him. It was only a month away from when I called them, which was a shorter waiting period than Dr. Colcleugh's. Anyway, I went out to Toronto at the end of July and spoke with him. He seemed to listen very well, and lived up to his reputation. Friendly and eager to help. He said that he would not recommend getting the tissue tethered because when my muscles contract, they can pull my areola inwards which would look really odd. Right now if my areolas become tight because I'm cold my chest contour is nearly perfect. The whole consultation my areolas were tight, so it was difficult to see the puffy nipples but Fielding still said he could remove more tissue which he could feel under the areola. He explained that the remaining tissue that hadn't been excised had contracted together right under my areola, and that he could remove some of that to improve how my areolas look when they aren't tight. He also told me I could see a thoracic surgeon about my Pectus Excavatum (which you'll see in my pictures) if the condition was bothering me. I made an appointment with him for October 9th, only about 2 weeks after when Colcleugh's revision would have been. Surgery was covered by OHIP with Dr. Fielding.

I have since then canceled my appointment with Colcleugh. I don't think I'd ever go back to Colcleugh for gynecomastia issues as it definitely does not seem to be his specialty, and overall I'm already very impressed with Dr. Fielding. Here's my pictures, I'll try to get some after photos and then some photos after I get surgery with Fielding.

Pectus Excavatum: My sternum sinks inwards, rather than staying outwards like a normal chest. Mine is a uneven, and one side of my chest sinks in more than the other. At the worst part, my chest goes in about 3/4 of an inch, which makes it pretty mild. I haven't seen anyone about getting it fixed, but I'm going to talk to my doctor.

Pre Op:


Pectus Excavatum Shots (Recent, so its post surgery 2 years with Colcleugh):





Right, ~1.5 cm dip

Arms pulled back

Linkback: https://www.gynecomastia.org/smf/index.php?topic=18837.0


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Re: Puffy Nipples + Mild Pectus Excavatum -> Sugery with Dr. Colcleugh [ON]
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Props to you for doing more research and contacting another doc.  It is great to see that at least the original excision did not leave any detectable scars.  Good luck with your second op.
If the worst health issue you face is only an aesthetic one - remember it is just that. You can fix it with surgery, or hide it, or deal with it. The bottom line - we are all battling something that shouldn't stop us from missing out on life and living how we want to. Everyone should be so lucky!

bro i have pectus and gynecomastia too but i live in Macedonia ( Europe ) so there is no profesional doctors here i dont think i should risk the surgery with this guys , but what options do i have i want to get gynecomastia done then pectus is the easy part  you can fix it with pushups , gym , running , swiming ....

You had gyne exactly like I do.  Im very concerned about any amount of scaring.  Would you do me a huge favor and take a close up picture of your nipple? (After surgery)  Thanks a million

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