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Hi All, I have my first consultation with a surgeon this week and wanted to ask

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Hi All,

I have my first consultation with a surgeon this week and wanted to ask what the most important questions were to ask him?

About me: my case is a little different. I am 30 years old/6ft1/170lbs. I take finasteride for hair loss and have done so for 7+ years.  Around 4 years ago I noticed my nipples were puffy and I could feel gristle/lumpiness behind them.  They have not got any worse but it is clearly glandular tissue causing the puffy nipple.  This may have been drug induced, I am otherwise pretty lean/workout/eat clean etc.

My GP gave me the name of a private PS at Spire, Mr Nick James who I am seeing this week. From what I've read on this site from participating doctors there is no telling whether the gland and puffiness will return post surgery as I plan to continue taking the finasteride.  I am prepared to have the surgery knowing there may be an increased risk of the gland returning.

What should I be asking the surgeon regarding the surgery itself?

From the reading I've done on here it sounds as though question 1 should be: lipo only or excision+lipo? I also get the impression excision and lipo is what is needed in most cases?

I'm not sure what else to ask re the technical side of surgery? (the consult is £120 so I don't want to waste it with only one prepared question  :))

I don't know too much about recovery from surgery/ time off work/gym needed/ or possible complications so plan to ask in general. 

I will obviously need to discuss my drug treatment with the doc. 

I guess I am asking for the Top 5 or 10 questions the veterans on the board would always advise newbies to ask potential surgeons at initial consults to make sure the surgeon seems capable.

I plan to consult with atleast one other PS, probably Alex Karidis as he seems like the only recommended name on here for London (where im based near) although any other recommendations for the south east would be appreciated.

Sorry for the long first post! Cheers all

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